Deities of Sundered Valley

List of Deities

The Ivory Lion: Usually depicted as either a vast, ivory-white lion or a muscular human male with a lion's head, usually armoured and armed. Hates magic, evil and chaos, supports purity, strength and honest dealings. Has little time for frivolity.

Malkaloch: A stitched-together jester wearing overly large boots. A deity of healing, the earth and, specifically, earthquakes. Usually of good humour and enjoys parties and music.

Kraekvar: Elven deity of nature and revenge. Worshipped by the wood elves and reputedly a massive bitch.

Grignixt: Queen of spiders, deep places, healing and any craft that involves thread. Not very well-understood, but her preferred virtue seems to be people not bothering her.

The Deep Flame: Appears to be personified magma and lava. Worshipped by the Deep Orcs.

Morcanth: Lord of Earthly Peace. His clerics style themselves after the "grim reaper," wearing robes and carrying scythes. Despite their appearance, however, they preach peace between all mortals, and aggression only towards the undead, whom they feel should go to their eternal rest. They particularly dislike sentient undead.

The Seven Divinities of Disease: Fever, Pus, Poison, Nausea, Rot, Vermin and Sleep. Worshipped by the lizardmen of the Bleak Marshes and few others, their human and demi-human worshippers are usually recognizable by their many black tattoos. Their lizardman worshippers instead paint their scales.

The Realm of the Gods

While each deity has their own realm or keep within the Godrealm, there is a larger landscape by which they are all connected. The surface is a vast plain, constantly riven by the forces of evil and chaos, and it is here most of those deities have their realms.

Aside from a few warlike deities who delight in fighting these forces, like the Ivory Lion, most of the non-evil gods either have their realms in the ground and caves below the Plains of Chaos, or in the skies and clouds above it. Those who take the fight to evil tend to have massive fortress cities above-ground, from which they launch never-ending crusades.

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