Lobralla [D5]

Lobralla the Half-orc Acrobat (Thief)

Just an idiot who decides venturing into a sewer is a good idea. Likes money, wine, food, being sneaky, and being adventurous, in that order. He's really not notable in terms of physical appearance, but is very acrobatic and athletic. He fancies himself somewhat of a trap expert, but doesn't have the intellect to make his own.

XP 13200

STR 17 +1 hit/damage, 10 open doors, 13% bars/gates, 85lb. weight allowance
DEX 17 +2 reaction, +2 missile attack, -3 defensive adj
CON 11 75% shock, 80% resurrection
INT 9 +2 NWPs
WIS 8 -
CHA 8 -1 base loyalty

Longsword +1, 1d8+1/1d12+1 [2H], x2 backstab multiplier, Initiative 5
Masterwork Hand Cbow +6, 1d4+3/1d6+3 [40 quarrels], x3 backstab multiplier, Initiative 5
Sling +3, 1d4+1/1d6+1 [depends on availiability of rocks from ground], Init 6.

THAC0 18
Armor Class 4
HP 30
Base Move 12

Weapon Prof [2+(2)] Sling, Longsword, Hand Crossbow
Nonweapon Prof [5+4] Rope Use [Dex], Swimming [Str], Direction Sense (+1) [Wis]
Tumbling [Dex], Jumping [Str], Set Snares (-1) [Dex], (3) Appraisal (at 11) [Int]
(+1 NWP per level)
Racial Abilities Infravision, 60'
Languages Common, Orc, Dwarf, Goblin, Hobgoblin, and Ogre.

Paralysis/Poison/Magic 12 (11)
Rod/Wand/Staff 12 (11)
Petrify/Polymorph 11 (10)
Breath Weapon 15 (14)
Spell 13 (12) (-2 versus cold or chill based spells.)

Pick Pockets 25%
Open Locks [+30] 45%
Find/Rem. Traps [+80] 80%
Move Silently [+70] 90%
Hide in Shadows 10%+ (+15% w/Hide Cloak, +5%w/Weaponblack)
Detect Noise 15%
Climb Walls 65%+ (+40% w/Grappling Hook)
Read Languages 0%

Each time the thief rises a level in experience, the player receives another 30 points to distribute. No more than 15 points per level can be assigned to a single skill, and no skill can be raised above 95 percent, including all adjustments for Dexterity, race, and armor. As an option, the DM can rule that some portion of the points earned must be applied to skills used during the course of the adventure.


Current GP: 666

+12 GP [character generation left over]
+500 GP [mission1]
+200 GP [mission2]
+200 GP [sale of elven(?) statue]
-350 GP [Masterwork Hand Crossbow]
-40gp [Crossbow Quarrels]
-10gp [Silk Rope]
-60, +75 GP [Throwing Crossbow] (Bought in Kobold shop, sold in Yalcaster for 75 GP)
- 150 GP [The Lazy Blade] (Bought in Kobold shop, now in hidden storage in Yalcaster)
- 200 GP [Party pool, for Identify scroll and three pearls]
+129 GP (Sold Masterwork Footman's Mace [from Orc])
+125 GP (from orcs in mushroom forest)
+500 GP [mission3] (After finding fifth cylinder)
-75 GP [Various purchases]
200 GP [2x Identify before descending into the catacombs]

Two Scrolls of Summon Gehennian Demon (written on skin) (Now in hidden storage in Yalcaster)
Orcish Cleric's Journal (Given to the Yalcaster Council)
Ring of Water Walking
Cloak of Shadows (+15% to Hide)
Tomber Juice (x1)
Gold Idol of Varuush (Appraised at 1,000 GP)

Ebony Staff of Cold (1d4 additional cold damage)
Mystic Sigiled Hat (They hat allows anyone to pull out a small animal from it once per day, which will in no way be under their control or able to understand their commands. The user must roll a Save vs Petrification when doing so, and failure means the animal either bites them for 1HP of damage or takes a dump in the hat [50% chance of either]).
Thick Book (locked)
Reading Glasses

Assorted Gems from Pyramidal Mausoleum

20 pounds of VAMPIRE CUTLERY, worth 10 GP per pound.

Current Encumbrance: Unencumbered, 50/85 lbs. (70/85)

[Equipped] Mystic Sigils Wizard's Robe (+1 AC, +1 to all saves)
[Equipped] Mystic Sigil Clothing of Resist Cold (+2 versus save against cold or chill based spells. Also keeps you warm in cold environments).

Vial of Metal-Eating Acid
5x Vial of Weaponblack (+5% Hide)
[5lb] 5x Bag of Caltrops
[4lb] 40 hand crossbow quarrels
[3lb] Hand Crossbow
[5lb] Longsword
[15lb] Leather Armor
[5lb] Backpack with Bedroll/Blanket/Sleeping Things
1 Week's Rations
Belt Pouch [L] - carries some or all of the below:
[5lb] Lock (Poor) and 1 Foot Heavy Chain
Chalk, for climbing and dusting stuff, like invisible assholes
Fishhooks, 10, and thread, for fishing
Flint & Steel, for fires
[5lb] Grappling Hook, for climbing (+40% chance)
Mirror, small (for peeking around corners)
[8lb] 50 ft. of silk rope, for tying suckas up and climbing with
3 small sacks, for whatever
1/4 lb of sealing wax, for key forging from a lock, and sealing leaks
Thieves' picks, for picking locks


Six gems from tentapede grotto (Identified as: Five Flawless Topaz, One Opal)
The Topaz are worth 250gp each, and the opal is worth 1000gp
The Lazy Blade
2x Scroll of Summon Ghennian Demon

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