Name: London
Type: Location/City
Status: EuroCorp-Controlled
Hypnos-Rating: 3:1

In the year 2078, London was devastated by a massive Gray Goo incident. Out-of-control nanoreplicators managed to devour almost half the city, and about as much of its populace, before a barrage of EMP blasts from orbital EuroCorp platforms stopped the onrushing tide. Earlier EMP blasts had managed to save most of the historical buildings, like Big Ben, and a few vital pieces of infrastructure, but most of the city had been reduced to an uneven wasteland of frozen gray waves, plagued by dust storms.

Now, in the year 2115, it's been mostly rebuilt and there are few signs of the devastation left over. The city's more open, more clean and they even managed to make the Thames safe again.

It's also the headquarters of EuroCorp's global efforts and would appear to have a specialist corps of troopers that wear different armour from, say, the Mexico City troopers. Officially London, and the rest of the UK, are under the control of the British government. But unofficially EuroCorp is pulling the strings, they still make an effort not to agitate the local authorities, however.

For information on London's controlling AI, go to: London AI.

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