London AI

Name: London AI
Association: EuroCorp
Party: London/Bastion Station(Post-Earth)/AI Council(Post-Earth)

London AI is the administrating entity for the city of London, and she seems to pride herself on doing a good job as well as a strong sense of pragmatism. For reasons unknown, she appears to prefer using a cybernetic body rather than just appearing as some sort of towering monolith in a server room somewhere. She has also commented that it can do essentially everything important that a human body can, apparently right down to eating food. It's unknown if the body actually hosts her intelligence or is merely some sort of remote-controlled puppet.

She's been described as "completely bland" except for her shoulder-length black hair and blue business suit, her voice sounds younger than she looks.

For most of season one, she's in charge of Paladin Team Beta. She seems somewhat distressed by their habit of causing heavy destruction.


2116-2131: London commands the nascent UN against the Coalition, other AI's are subordinate to her by choice.
2140-2222: [Data Entry Scrubbed/Corrupted]
2408: London is revived along with Paladin Team Beta, leads the successful battle of the UNFD Thames against the HCFD Hikashi no Hana. Later that year she rejoins the AI council on board Bastion Station, establishing herself as a rival of every plan of the AI Paris

London appears to play a very large part in Bastion Station politics despite her long-term suspension. She's got as legendary a status as The Six, being credited with creating and guiding Paladin Team Beta to victory, as well as guiding Eurocorp during the early stages of the war against the Coalition before the UN was officially formed. Before her suspension she created the Mantis Operatives, the Myrmidon Marines and the Templar program(though very few Templars exist, and many of those that do have been drafted as elite Mantis operatives.). Shows a definite dislike for Paris and her plans, loathes the Coalition, anyone who doesn't follow her orders, rebels and in particular the Vegan Republic's secessionists.

Her current holographic persona has been described as reminiscent of a Nazi librarian in a greatcoat. It sports an almost supernaturally sharp-looking nose.

Incoming Mail

Topic: Data Reconstruction

2140: London initiates the NEMESIS project. Details uncertain.
2140-2146: London recruits other AI's for the NEMESIS project. Noted opposition maintained by Belgrade(Victim of core decay. Lost.), Mexico City(Vegan Secessionist), Moscow(Vegan Secessionist), San Francisco(Vegan Secessionist), Chicago(Missing), Edinburgh(Missing) and Tehran(Destroyed during Operation Eagle Dive) .
2222: London is placed in suspension for evacuation from Luna. Allied AI's on the AI Council proceed with project NEMESIS following her decrees and guidance.

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