Dame Lucia, the Rose of Savona

No one could doubt the superiority of noble blood, especially when there was so much of it spread across the room. Lucia had finally managed to lose her inheritance defending her family's honor, after a set of identical triplets from a rival dynasty suggested her height and temperament was a product of her mother's liaison with an Ulstang bodyguard or possibly his mount. It was less the response and more the means, as blade in hand, and in full view of the court, Lucia made sure the trio respectively would hear no evil, see no evil, nor speak it ever again without some serious cybernetic work. All this hot on the heels of her being widowed twice in the past year and a half (both husbands experiencing mysterious hunting accidents) sealed the deal and she was informed she was to seek her fortune elsewhere.

Hearing about the Nuevo Riche shitheads in the Republic, Lucia decided to seek her fortune across the bay. As befitting a person of her moral character, she quickly fell in with the scum that helped smuggle her in. Despite being newly powered by the Words of Creation, there are practical limits to the amount of people you can stab for mobster clients in one day; chutzpah can only be relied on for so long, it turns out the classic reverse-lateral to the femoral artery is less effective when the target is a cybernetically augmented killer from a syndicate not fond of foreigners interfering in local business. He leisurely palmed her skull and jammed his thumb into her eye socket and began rooting around for grey matter before his body caught up with him and reminded him he was dead.

Stumbling around, bloody and in shock, Lucia was picked up as part of a gonzo newscast for Brighttube, focusing on foreign ladies stumbling around the streets of the Republic showing their gaping holes for all to see. Getting into the business with a murder tape instead of a sex tape is progress.


#1: Write your character's official GODS website biography. Similarity to real biography or objective truth not required, consider that they want the core demographics to watch this show. And also to sell toys, tie-in comics and T-shirts: A product of forbidden love, Lucia's parents could not be together, kept apart by social dictates, seeing as one was an unaccountable plutocrat, and the other was her disposable man-whore. After a youth spent in the streets acquiring a sense of style and an entirely healthy tradition of resolving petty disputes with murder in the streets, Lucia quickly moved up in life in a traditional Vissian way, engaging in affairs with individuals of either gender so long as they have more money than you in a manner that titillates our 18-55 Demographic, while not quite explicit enough to offend our older demographic who still pines for the days of stoning people and throwing them into volcanoes. Powered with that sense of the Republican Dream, Lucia came to our shores with a firm belief that anyone, regardless of age, nationality, or gender, could rise to be a malicious sociopath scourge on society.

Lucia obtains her prosperity and powers of swankness from two things, PURE STRAIN GOLD certificates, and daily consumption of an Elixer of Vitality, with Essence of Colloidal Silver. See below for purchasing your own.

#2: Write up a commercial, or elevator pitch for a commercial, for some tie-in product for the show: *Republican TV cut to scene of tired looking consumer whores.* Enthusiastic announcer voice: "Bored this weekend with the few hours your employer gives you to spend your scant wages on any possible emotional escape from your bleak existence? Come on down to LITTLE VISSIO. *Cut to Scene of colorful local ethnic enclave.* "Located in the scenic part of town between the industrial park and the sea port, Little Vissio features the finest in dining, cultural interchange, and shopping. With the Republic's highest per capita rating of liquor stores and adult entertainment complexes, Little Vissio has something for everyone, whether your life has been ruined by a series of poor choices, or you're simply in it starting to be. No money? Our friendly loan staff will help you secure reasonable no-questions-asked funds and, should you have difficulty finding the interest, assist you in helping you pay it back. Come on over today!"

#3: Write a TV guide entry for an episode of the show: s1e3: "Promoting Cultural Interchange. Lucia sets out to promote understanding between her and Republican culture, demonstrating a unique Vissian tradition dating back countless years, where rich people give her money because she's hot and she pretends to like them and then she has sex with people that aren't them."


Strength: 13 (+1)
Dexterity: 18 (+3) (16>18 via Dance)
Constitution: 14 (+1)
Intelligence: 13 (+1)
Wisdom: 10 (+0)
Charisma: 18 (+3) (8>16 via Passion) (16>18 Dance)


Vissio Duelist, wastrel, and all around bougie fuck

The prettiest goddamn cyclops

Connected toMostly running the underworld-entertainment complex


Godbound of Dance may raise either their Dexterity or Charisma scores to 16, or to 18 if the score is already 16 or higher. They can communicate effectively with any intelligent creature, reading their body language and using small, exquisitely expressive motions to answer in turn. Dance is as restorative as sleep and food to the Godbound and those who dance with them.
Heroes with the Word of Passion are blessed with grace and an understanding of the heart. They may set either their Charisma or Wisdom
attribute score to 16, or 18 if the score is already that high.

Heroes with the Sword Word treat all their weapon or unarmed
attacks as magical, cannot be disarmed, and can summon any melee
weapon they’ve ever used immediately to hand as an Instant action.

Those gifted by Music can set their Charisma to 16, or to 18 if it'salready 16 or higher. They have an invulnerable immunity to thesounds they generate being muted, even by gagging or the physical
excision of their vocal cords, and may summon any musical instrument they've ever used as an On Turn action. They may produce music at will without interfering with any of their other actions.

Divine Gifts

Perfect Rhythm (Dance, Lesser: Constant)
Your supernatural grace and sense of rhythm grants you a base Armor Class of 3. You are immune to falling damage and cannot trip, slip,
or be forcibly moved from your chosen position by a hostile force

Heart of the Lion (Passion, Lesser: Constant)
You have an invincible defense against fear and all unwanted emotion-affecting effects. You may Commit Effort for the scene as an
Instant action to share this immunity with all allies within 100 yards

Terrifying Mien (Passion, Lesser:Action)
Commit Effort to the end of the scene. All NPC foes who can see or hear you, must instantly make a Morale check. Lesser foes roll this at a -2 penalty. Foes that fail this check will usually flee in terror, albeit those without a means of escape might surrender on the spot. This gift can be used against a foe only once per scene, and PCs are immune.
Shattering Hand (Sword, Greater: On Turn)
Commit Effort. Your melee damage rolls and Fray dice are alwaysthe maximum possible. You can destroy barriers as thick as five feet of stonework in front of you in one round’s action, smashing them with a blow or as part of your movement action. Magical substances may resist this power.


Lesser Strife of the Bitter Rival
[[size smaller]]Initiate: When fighting a solitary opponent in single combat, the initiate can roll hit rolls twice and take the better result.

Disciple: When fighting a single opponent, the disciple may automatically succeed at a saving throw against a power their enemy uses once per scene, if a save is allowed.

Master: When fighting a single opponent, the master gains one bonus attack each round as long as no other allies have yet engaged theopponent or aided the master.

Saving Throws

Hardiness: 13
Evasion: 11
Spirit: 12


Sword and Sword-breaker, Dual Weildzzz +5 (1d10+4, magical)
Clockwork Vissio wheellock pistol (1d6+3)


Armor Class: 0 (natural 3, -3 Dex)
Attack Bonus: +5 (Dex +3, lvl+2)
Fray: 1d8
Hit Points: 13/13 (8+con mod+(lvl2x4)
Effort: 2
Wealth: 5
Experience: 5
Dominion: 0/2
Influence: 2

+++Dominion Spent:
2 pts - Adding "Vissian Organized Crime" to the Bright Republic's capital Setting.


goddamn Vissio clown suit Elegant duelist's garb
Long pig sticker and short pig sticker
Clickly clack go boom pistol
Assorted fashion eye patches

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