Luna 1

Name: Luna-1
Type: Location/City
Status: EuroCorp-Controlled
Hypnos-Rating: 0

Luna-1 is the first and primary colony on the moon, entirely owned and operated by EuroCorp, it has no oversight from any of Earth's nations. The colony is mostly self-sufficient and hosts a variety of projects, including deep-space telescopes, mining facilities, research(HEWG in particular test some of their more destructive concoctions on the Moon, adding more craters to its face every day) and of course it also has some telescopes pointed at Earth.

Several rumours constantly circulate that Luna-1 is some sort of final bunker for EuroCorp if things go to hell on Earth, that they're going to vaporize everything from there, wait for the dust to settle and then hop down again to reclaim it all. These claims are consistently dismissed as lunacy.

The colony was founded in 2089, and in 2100 they opened up for tourist business. So far it remains a luxury for the extremely rich and bored. Luna also hosts repair facilities and resupply shuttles for the Orbital Gauntlet.

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