Magic Item Library

"Standard" Magical Items

Items with a "generic" +1 or other "default" effect.


Scrolls of up to 5th level can be purchased in the Yalcaster markets.

The price for scrolls is: Spell Level*Spell Level*200 GP

1st Level Scrolls: 200 GP
2nd Level Scrolls: 800 GP
3rd Level Scrolls: 1800 GP
4th Level Scrolls: 3200 GP
5th Level Scrolls: 5000 GP

Scrolls for spells with material components that have a listed price, or which are in some way intended to be rare and hard to get, may have higher prices. Spells not in the PHB/Spells & Magic/Tome of Magic books may provisionally not be available, ask first.

Spell Services

You can also pay clerics and mages to cast spells for you.

1st Level Spell: 150 GP
2nd Level Spell: 300 GP
3rd Level Spell: 900 GP
4th Level Spell: 1800 GP
5th Level Spell: 3200 GP

You will also have to pay for, or supply, any non-standard material components.


Healing Potion

Effect: Heals 1d8 HP
Price: 200GP

Extra-Healing Potion

Effect: Heals 2d8 HP
Price: 500GP

+1 Items

+1 items include: Ammunition, Weapons, Armor, Bracers of AC 9, Rings of Protection and Cloaks of Protection.

Bracers of AC 9

5000 GP

Ring of Protection +1:

6000 GP

Cloak of Protection +1:

6000 GP

Ammunition +1:

Base Price + 50GP per unit of ammunition.

Weapons +1:

Base Price + 5000GP

Armor +1:

Base Price + 5000GP OR Base Price x 5, whichever is greater.

Generic +1 weapons and armor always have their full weight.

Masterwork Items

Masterwork armor has its weight reduced by 1/3rd(round down to nearest whole lb.).

Masterwork melee and thrown weapons gain a +1 to damage.

Masterwork ranged weapons gain a +1 to accuracy OR are able to make use of Strength bonuses beyond 18(i.e. 18/01 up to 25).

The cost for Masterwork items is increased by 250GP OR 100%, whichever is greater.

Unusual Magic Items

This section is for magic items specific to the DDDDD game which may have novel effects or otherwise don't function like any magic items already satted in the 2E AD&D PHB.

Arrows of Honesty

Type: Ammunition

Bag of Holding, Hands

Type: Container

Energetic Waterskin

Type: Container

The Lazy Blade

Type: Two-Handed Sword

This heavy two-handed weapon is exceptionally sharp but, for some unclear reason, the blade has the consistency of hard rubber, meaning it flops around unpredictably in a fight. It has a -1 to hit and a +5 to damage, and is otherwise an ordinary two-handed sword in all aspects… except that on a miss, it rolls a second attack against a randomly chosen target within range(friend or foe) other than the original target or the wielder, having normal effects if it should hit.

Mittens of Mighty Hurling

Type: Gloves

The Mittens of Mighty Hurling allow the wearer to throw anything they can lift as a weapon, with which they're presumed to be proficient. If they have expertise, specialization or mastery in any throwing weapon, they may use the resulting bonuses to fire rate and/or attack. Objects thrown are always destroyed to uselessness whether they hit or miss, though magical items get a save. Weapons do the same damage they would as if they'd been wielded in melee, while non-weapon items do damage based on their material and weight.

Material Base Damage
Wood 1d4
Meat 1d4
Stone 1d6
Metal 1d8

Every 10lb of weight(rounded down) penalizes the to-hit by 1, while increasing damage done by 3. Sharp or spiked objects increase the damage die by one step(i.e. 1d4 becomes 1d6, 1d6 becomes 1d8 and 1d8 becomes 1d10.).

Living creatures can be picked up and thrown, but hostile creatures require a successful Open Doors roll(roll-under) and get a free melee attack against the thrower if they're aware of them. Living creatures are not destroyed, but suffer the same damage they would as if they'd been thrown at themselves.


Type: Gauntlet

Rhythmic Drums

Type: Bardic Instrument

The Rhythmic Drums can be played by anyone, but only a Bard can use their magic effects. When played, all willing allies can choose to follow the rhythm, and for the remainder of the battle, their speed modifiers are reduced by 2 and they use the same initiative roll as the bard. The drums will play themselves for the remainder of the battle. Any time an ally who's following the rhythm wishes to break free and roll their own initiative, they must make a Saving Throw vs Petrification, this can be done after the Bard has rolled initiative for the round.

The Seven Black Mirrors

Type: Misc/Blunt Weapon

"Suicide Stick"

Type: Wand
Charges: N/A

A slim, matte black wand that reflects no light and has a small silver tip. It has no other adornments and is permanently cool to the touch.

The infamous "Suicide Stick" is capable of casting any Arcane spell the user has learned(but not necessarily memorized) and is of sufficient level to cast, but will always trigger at least one Wild Surge when doing so. When used, the Suicide Stick triggers a number of Wild Surges equal to the level of the spell cast, plus the number of Wild Surges triggered so far. All effects of Wild Surges happen simultaneously, if applicable. At the end of every day, or every time the party makes camp and rests, the number of Wild Surges is reduced by 5, to a minimum of 0.

Student's Wand

Type: Wand
Charges: Special

Throwing Crossbow, Returning

Type: Blunt Weapon/Thrown Weapon

Crossbow proficiency counts for any use of a Throwing Crossbow.

When thrown, it deals 1d4+1 damage on a successful hit, then returns to its thrower.

If loaded, on a hit, it also fires its loaded ammunition at the target, resulting in an automatic hit.

If loaded, on a miss, it fires its loaded ammunition at a random target within range, rolled with the wielder's stats and proficiency, then returns to the thrower.

Except where otherwise noted, the Throwing Crossbow, Returning is treated as a Light Crossbow +1.

Tomb Thread

Type: Misc.

Tomber Juice

Type: Consumable

Each can contains two uses, which keep indefinitely after opening, though an open can will, somehow, end up tasting even worse than normal.

Tomber Juice is a strange concoction that tastes mostly like carbonated embalming fluid, which is in fact one of the main components, but it also has an aftertaste of exceptionally chemical artificial sweetener.

When drunk, the user's current HP is reduced to 50% of their maximum HP(if above 50% of their maximum HP when imbibed) and they take on all the appearances of being a corpse. Glassy eyes, pale skin, no breathing, room-temperature body. Non-sentient undead will no longer attack them on sight, not perceiving them to be living, and sentient undead will believe them to be other sentient undead unless robbed of this belief. The effect persists until healing or resting restores the user to more than 50% of their max HP. Living creatures may also mistake the user for dangerous undead.

Wormwood Lyre

Type: Bardic Instrument

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