Malaika Souzan'sha, Blessed Templar of the Militant Order of Fire

Taller-than-average height, athletic build, hot temper and no patience. She wears her robes with thin-cloth civilian clothes beneath, light enough not to make her feel too hot, or too restricted. Her genetic modifications and genoset are obvious, flecks of chitin over her joints and where the bone is near skin, while her skin itself ranges from obsidian black to flesh. She even has a second eyelid, used in times of bright light or firey flashes. Her spit, tears, and even blood have potential to catch flame, and she's always warm, if not uncomfortably so, to the touch.

Mecha - Muspell

Smooth yet jagged, Muspell is covered in chitin like obsidian, glittering black with the glow of heat beneath, a soft orange flicker from the many fire related enhancements. Several vents hide unobstrusively beneath scales and sections of the chitin here and there, releasing flammable gasses in an instant that can be set on fire with the smallest spark, surrounding her in a corona of flame. They also act as her boosters and thrusters in time of need, and weapons in combat. Other than that, Muspell is simple to the point of elegance, yet jagged enough to give it a dangerous air.

Archetype: Hotblooded
Role: Caretaker
Ratio Modifier: 3
Allegiance: Mars Protectorate

Game Statistics (BESM)


Body: 7
Mind: 5
Soul: 9

Combat Value:
Attack Value:
Defense Value:
Damage Multiplier:
Health Points:
Armour Rating:


Power Flux(Fire): 7 (28 flux points)
"…I'm not sure if I want to explain."
Melee Attack(Knux): 3
Melee Defense(Knux): 3
"Extensive hand to hand combat was in my training. What, you didn't get trained that way?"
Combat Technique 2(Lightning Reflexes, Steady Hand)
"A Templar is always ready."
Special Defense 2(Disease, Overheating)
"Heavy augmentation and genetic manipulation sometimes have unexpected perks."
Massive Damage(Fire): 2
"The Holy Flame burns away the impurities, and I work in the name of that Holy Flame!"
Tough 5
Armor 5
"I know the obsidian is a little hard to get used to…but the benefits are amazing!"
Features 2 (Ears(+1 hearing), Appearance(Highly Modified))
"And some benefits…weren't asked for. What? I can't help it if…if some people like that look."
Superstrength 1
"Weakness of the mind or the flesh will not be tolerated!"
Divine Relationship 2
"With faith, you can do anything."


Knux(Irritant 2, Piercing 2): 4
Combustion/Flamethrowers(Continuing 2, Contagious 2): 5

Common Flux Spreads

  • Firestarter

Dynamic Powers 1 (Fire) (20), Regeneration 1 (5), Sixth Sense 1 (Fire) (2), Feature 1 (Holy shit she's on fire)

  • Flight

Flight 2 (16), Ranged Attack 2 (6), Additional 3 levels in Weapon (Flamethrowers) (Weapon 8)


Ettiquette 2 (Religious Society) (2)
Foreign Culture 1 (Silvers) (2)
Intimidation 3 (Fire) (6)
Military Sciences 3 (Tactics)
Interrogation 2 (Fire)
Police Sciences 1 (Forensics)


Marked: -3
"I'm covered in obsidian flakes. It's a nice armor, but impossible to hide at this point…"
Skeleton in the Closet: -6
"M…my parents…and I am…"


Body: 12
Mind: N/A
Soul: N/A(+1)


Armor 5
Tough 5
Combat Technique (Blind Fighting, Critical Strike, Dead Eye, Deflection, Extended Range(Flamethowers), Steady Hand, Lightning Reflexes) 7
Melee Attack(Knux) 5
Melee Defense 4
Ranged Attack(Fire) 4
Ranged Defense 4
Attack Combat Mastery 1
Defense Combat Mastery 1
Massive Damage(Fire) 2
Flight 3
Spaceflight 4
Regeneration(In contact with fire) 2
Enhanced (Soul) 1
Features(Appearance(Unnerving), 360 vision, Binocular zoom) 3
Supersense(Sonar) 2
Superstrength 2
Illusion 2 (Sight, Sound)


Knux 8 (Irritant 3, Penetrating 3, Piercing 2)
Flamethowers 8 (Contact 3, Continuing 3, Drain:Body 1)
Corona 6 (Aura 4, Flare 2)



Game Statistics(TD)


Fanbase: 1/1
Gar Charge: 0/2
Plot Armor: 4/4
Gar: 3
Power(Evolution): 4


  • Knux 3 (Used to fight closed-fisted with weapons fitting over the hands or knuckles.)
  • Spitfire 3 (Using napalm-like secretions or bursts of flammable gas, it's a medium/long range fire attack directed at the enemy.)
  • Hotblood 3 (Blood and secretions ignite at the touch of air. Failing an opposed combat roll, if there is a success on Hotblood, the enemy takes a success' worth of damage.)
  • Fists of Fury 3(Limit+1) (Punching blows with extra firepower, if you catch my drift.)
  • Blessing of the Blaze 2(Limit+1) (Ignite(sometimes literally) an ally into even greater actions, giving a +1 bonus to their rolled trait next turn.)
  • Untempered 1 (Limit+1) (About as contained as a forest fire, a successful roll breaks physical and mental bonds as both inner and physical fire char them away.)
  • Flame-Flicker 2(Limit+2) (Dodge bullets, fists, even fire by leaving an afterimage in the air.)
  • "It was in my training." 2(Limit+2) (Used for incredible stunts of agility or strength, like jumping ridiculously high or breaking bones when grappling.)
  • Accidental Spark 1 (Limit +2) (Worded awkwardly or straight to the point, this question gets the correct answer either due to not knowing the social norms, or ignoring them.)
  • Fire Consumes All! 2(Limit+3) (Set one thing on fire. Anything. IT MUST BURN.)
  • Ignis Divine 3 (Limit+2) (Thermokinesis)
  • Flashback 4 (In times of sadness, doubt, and fear, Malaika can recall a memory from her schooling, inspiring her to truly divine amounts of fire- both of the flesh, and of the heart.)


Mala's parents are forever a mystery - All she's been told or found out on her own was that she was discovered at a very young age on an agriculture-centered planet, with a genoset and adaptations foreign to the planet itself. When no one was found to claim her, she was taken in by the local Templar school, given a name, a home, and extensive training from day one. Combat, study, and training is all she's known, but even at a young age, the rigid structure of school life seemed too restrictive. Though an accepted and even accomplished member of the school, she's always been awkward from so little social interaction, and early meetings with potential friends caused her to sour to the prospect of ever being socially acceptable. Seeking a way out, she poured her all into learning how to work with and control flames, mastering combat training, and finally gaining a rank that would let her come and go at will - she became a Templar. Though she's still relatively young and untrained, she throws her all into her duties, burning her own way through anything in her path.


  • In fanfiction Mala is often involved with Crrch, because of their close relationship.
  • Mala starred prominently in the fanfic called "Spiders Have Room For Two," and there have been persistent rumours that the actress who does Mala's voice wrote that fanfic herself.
  • So far Malaika has been in Episode 1 and Episode 2.
  • Though not listed as having a Crystal, Malaika has exhibited signs of having thermokinesis, beginning in Episode 2.
  • Some forums have started debates on Malaika's true parentage - candidates range from Gardin to Hex. Her new profile suggests something more…
  • Out of the entire cast, Malaika is the only character without a secret. What IS Mala's secret?
  • Besides Mala, Sadaj-in is the only character with pointed ears, believed to be a sign of heavy modification.


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