Malkaloch and the Lion

Malkaloch and the Lion

A lost legend

Once, long ago, when the world was different, the Ivory Lion was displeased. Forces of evil and chaos were running rampant, and he wished to see this ended, but none of the other Gods would listen to him.

He decided that he would construct a magnificent ivory palace to impress them, and call them all to a feast, then rally them to his cause. But whenever he was almost finished, an earthquake would shake his lands and collapse his palace. Three times he built, three times the earthquakes ended it, and so the Ivory Lion sought out the source.

Malkaloch the Jester dwelt deep underground and had no fear of chaos or evil, for they could not find his caves, which were merry, and full of parties. Many of the other Gods sought out his realm when chaos was on the rise, for Malkaloch was jolly, wise and always a gracious host. However, he wore boots of stone, and whenever he danced, the ground shook and foundations collapsed.

Three times the Lion travelled to Malkaloch and bade him stop his dancing, thrice Malkaloch gave his promise, and thrice he broke it. After the third time, the Lion grew so enraged that he tore Malkaloch asunder, threw the jester's stone boots into the mortal realm and finished his ivory palace. Then the Ivory Lion invited the other Gods to a feast, to ally them with him. But they had enjoyed Malkaloch's feasts and parties, and would not attend. And so the Lion turned to mortal men to be his allies in the fight against evil.

Meanwhile, the other Gods sewed Malkaloch back together, but he was a shadow of his former self. He still danced, but whenever he did, he fell to pieces and would have to be remade again. This is why the ground shakes less than it did in the early days of the world, when mountains rose and fell like waves in the sea.

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