Real Name: "The Detroit Inverter"
Codename: Mantis
Association: EuroCorp
Party: A member of the Kazakhstan-based Paladin Team Gamma.

Mantis looks like his namesake in that he's tall, skinny and has something predatory about his appearance. He also looks like he could punch his hands right through someone's chest.

Before he died, Mantis was known as the "Detroit Inverter," claiming over a hundred dead prostitutes and a novel way of killing them that earned him his nickname. While he doesn't kill hookers any longer, he still has a spectacularly bad attitude and tends to pick on people whom he perceives as weak. In his mind "nerd" translates to "bully fodder."

Mantis was recently at HEWG's base in the Mexico Badlands for a refit and upgrade. Considering the people who worked on him, it's not inconceivable that he has some completely ridiculous internal weaponry.

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