Mantis Operatives

The Mantis Operatives are the first(or second, if you count the rare Templars) augmented military branch of the UN. They are more augmented than the Phalanx Troopers, but less blatantly so than the Myrmidon Marines. They tend to be the special operations/stealth branch of the UN armed forces and also seem to be London's favoured soldiers. It is unknown if they have any relation to the cyborg Mantis.


All Mantids have active camo augmentations, as well as subdermal armour and a variety of advantages permitting them to be stealthier and more quiet. It's entirely possible that some of their sneakier operatives have some variant of Ghost's ability to liquefy her bones in order to enter small spaces. They also have built-in voice distorters and air filtration systems, to render them less vulnerable to airborne toxins and less easy to identify when off-duty(the distorters can be disabled, of course.).


The Mantis Operatives work under a doctrine of maximum stealth and no holds barred, whatever interstellar variants of the old Geneva Conventions exist, they ignore them if it's in the way of their objectives. They threatened to set off explosives in a civilian section of Bastion Station just to arrange a meeting with The Six on their own terms. But it remains difficult to ascertain just how inhumane the Mantids are, seeing as how it's often difficult to identify whether they were actually responsible for something.

Noteworthy Mantis Operative Teams/Characters

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