Marik Skorupa

Combat Rolls:

Shotgun Buckshot
1d10+6, 1d8*6
Shotgun Slug (HP, AP)
1d10+5, 1d8*5
Dziadek (HP, AP)
1d10+6, 1d6*6

Brawling 1d10+5, 1d4*3

Armour 19
Dodge 1d10+4

Str: 3
Dex: 2
Con: 3
Int: 2
Per: 2
Wil: 2

Life Points; 49/49 (34)
Endurance Points; 29
Speed mph; 8
Speed yps; 4
Essence; 6

Qualities; 15/15
Acute Hearing (2)- His wide range of experiences, from hunting in polish forests to his military training, has made him distrust his eyes, but very, very good at discerning details with his ears.
Contacts (2)- A wide array of criminal connections, both through his family and previous mercenary works.
Resource (2/4)- Reasonably wealthy, with enough money to live a quite nice life even without Mercenary income.
Status (3/2)- Recognizable to most people who know anything about criminals, or europe, or both, as the son of a wealthy criminal dynasty.
Hard to Kill (5)- Being of Polish descent, he is burly and well built, thus being unusually resistant to bullets

Addiction (-2)- Good, Expensive Vodka, in large quantities, regularly
Adversary (-2)- Related to one mob group. Other rival criminal groups won't go out of their way to get him, but given the chance, they'll get in his way just because.
Honourable (-2)- He and his family are staunchly Catholic, and while they break quite a few of the rules, they adhere to strict code of honour. He will not shoot a retreating enemy who is fleeing the battle, nor someone who has surrendered in good faith. He will avoid killing civilians and people who have not chosen to be directly involved if at all possible. He will only lie if his life or his family depends on it. Will not torture and will attempt to kill painlessly as possible.
Minority (-1)- Polish, and to a lesser extent old european blood in general, being seen as backwards and behind the times, slow and simple etc.

Brawling(Dexterity/Strength) 3
Climbing(Dexterity/Strength/Constitution) 2
Demolitions(Perception/Intelligence) 1
Driving(Dexterity) (Cars) 1
Dodge(Dexterity) 2
First Aid(Perception/Intelligence) 1
Firearms(Dexterity/Perception) (Shotguns) 3
Firearms(Dexterity/Perception) (Pistols) 4
Firearms(Dexterity/Perception) (Machineguns) 1
Mechanic(Intelligence/Perception) 2
Notice(Perception/Intelligence) 2
Running(Constitution) 1
Stealth(Dexterity/Perception) 1
Streetwise(Intelligence/Perception) 1
Surveillance(Perception) 1
Survival(Perception/Intelligence) 1
Swimming(Constitution) 1
Throwing(Strength) 1
Tracking(Perception) 2
Traps(Intelligence/Dexterity) 1


Shotgun, 12-gauge, Automatic (80)
@The three shotgun damage values are for birdshot, buckshot and slugs respectively. Armor Piercing ammo is availiable in the form of flechettes, both slug, buckshot and birdshot versions. Slugs can be bought as hollowpoint. Birdshot gets a +2 to hit, Buckshot gets a +1, Slugs have no modifiers.
capable of autofire, 12 rounds loaded at a time.

High Velocity Handgun, .44 magnum (30) "Dziadek" (Meaning Grandfather, an inherited gun)

Class II Armour [19] (100)

Laptop (5)
5 XP
110 favour

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