Mars Protectorate

The Mars Protectorate follows the Chaakanite religion, though the amount of zeal varies from citizen to citizen, they also have a long-standing vendetta with the Silvers and the Terrans. Unlike the Silvers, who value cyborg modifications highly, and the Terrans, who consider any sort of modification of the human body to be blasphemy, the Mars Protectorate are experts at genetic engineering and creating customized lifeforms.

The Pope

The Protectorate is ruled by a Pope, who is advised by the Chamber of Worlds, consisting of the Priest-Governors of each planetary system.

The Military

The twelve templar orders are the protectorates main military organisations, each subdivided into semi independent orders, each with their own specialities and combat doctrine. Each order controls a minimum of several billion soldiers, each with their own combat symbiote.

Use synthetic symbiotes for most combat purposes. Commonly use organic mecha, consisting a supersized clone of the host, combined with large scale combat symbiotes, with the pilot acting as the brain. Commonly use organic ammunition or chemical byproducts as weapons. Also integrate mechanical components when it is advantageous. Fight to the death, their faith in god leading them to great feats of glory and majesty. Many soldiers, aswell as piloting their mecha, are also skilled in using low tech weapons such as swords and bows for ceremonial purposes.


At the ages of fourteen to sixteen, the best students in the many Martian schools are chosen to be sent to the Templar Schools, the equivilant of military schooling. There, they are trained and hardened into the Protectorate's grandest warriors. Templars are allowed to use 'mecha', and due to the daring stunts of many, have become a popular and celebrated force for Mars. Other forces denounce them as fanatics, but their faith in God and their devotion to Mars pushes Templars into fanastic feats of bravery.

Templars are generally thought of as priests of the battlefield. However, this isn't their only duty. on their travels, they might be called to give judgement on crimes, console and advice people, aid pilgrims, or even simple things like helping an old woman carry her groceries home. They're expected to be all around really decent guys. Some are arrogant, but most fit the cliche. However, this doesn't mean they are weak. They have authority to give a death sentence, purely on their own suspicion, and can declare martial law, calling any citizen to serve in the militias.

Only priests are above a Templar and can administer orders, but it's relatively uncommon to hear of.

Life and Customs

The Mars Protectorate governmental system is entirely based on the book of Chaaka, written by the greatest prophet to ever live, who united all religions on earth with his charisma and presence, and lead the great exodus to Mars. He was also the first to embrace genetic modification as the route to true humanity. He is most remembered for his decree “The face of Mars has been red throughout eternity. What right do we, lives in the blink of an eye, have to change this?” This was interpreted and enacted as making all life forms on Mars a deep red, from the trees to the animals and even the fish that live in the strange seas.

The Mars Protectorate Army was forged when the Terra League led its first war against them, attempting to obliterate what it saw as unnatural. Outnumbered many times, it evolved as an effective guerrilla fighting force, using self healing machinery and shock tactics, as well as a perfect understanding of the Martian landscape to deplete Terran forces until they could be destroyed by the Martians. This combat doctrine is still common, with straight conflict generally avoided whenever possible in favour of guerrilla tactics, even on the assault or in space battles.

Its citizens live relatively simple lives, raised from birth in the Chaakan religion, sent to common school until the age of twelve, where they choose their profession and go to an Order school. They are free to switch between orders until they are fourteen, but after that they are only allowed to switch in highly abnormal circumstances. They finish education at the age of twenty, and go into their work. Citizens are generally untroubled by their government, as long as they follow the Chaakan way, attend church and don’t commit crime. The only time when citizens have to fear the government is when Veiled Priests are nearby. At these times, any slights which would have been overlooked beforehand could result in death.

Most Martian citizens live to at least 400 (Sometimes much longer), and over the years accumulate many genetic modifications and symbiotes to aid them in their profession. The modification of the self and the addition of symbiotes is a holy ceremony, often attended by family and friends, and conducted with great ritual.

Another common, though less pleasant, ritual is the holy hunt. Captured enemy soldiers are given two options- either they stay in prison until they are rescued or die of old age, or participate in the hunt. Those which are in the hunt are given ceremonial daggers, and released at one point on the surface, and told that they must reach a far off point before being captured or killed to survive. They are pursued by Templar soldiers bearing low tech weapons such as bows and swords. If they are caught, they are stabbed with holy blades, made from a specially crafted crystal, so blood leaks into the blade, filling a central aperture. After a warrior has filled his blade, he takes it to the temple, and inserts it into the altar, which drains the blood as a sacrifice to god. Any enemies killed on the hunt are left to rot, or be eaten by the animals of the world.


Mars citizens are sorted into twelve different Orders, based on the three aspects of the four dreams of Chaaka. Order is given due to personality, capabilities and ideals, not just physical appearance. For example, an amphibious Martian may be part of the Earth Order, if they are serious and steady enough (instead of the assumed Sea).

The Elements

Earth - Dour
Sky - Aloof
Sea - Sneaky
Fire - Hotblooded (Malaika belongs to the Militant Order of Fire.)

The Flesh

Eye - Perceptive (Sadaj-In belongs to the Militant Order of the Eye.)
Fang - Noble savage
Claw - Feral
Blood - Fervent and Violent

The Speech

Word - Clever
Song - Graceful
Dream - Out of it
Blessing - Inspirational

Known Mars Protectorate citizens include: Nasir, Sadaj-In, Malaika, Crrchtlchtl and Yumi[1]

1. Yumi's mech is, however, somewhat different from normal Mars Protectorate mecha and her powers are generally not based on being bio-engineered. It is unknown if she was ever actually modified.
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