Matias Macdougal

Matias MacDougal

Age: 31
Height: 203cm
Weight: 102kg
Gender: Male
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue

Description: A huge man, Matias stands at least a head taller than most other folks. His stature, his well-worn field jacket, and most notably, his personal drone coiled like a 4ft long centipede around either his arm or back are his most notable features.

Background: Born of questionable parentage in some colonial backwater, Matias has drifted from dozens of jobs across Human space, working in mechanics, robotics, trading fleets, terraforming, and a number of less savory positions. Learning quickly to favor breadth of knowledge vs depth, he has a wide, if shallow skillset. Most notable is his A.I. and personal assistant drone, R.I.T.A, which he counts on to get through his day alive and in one piece.

Indifferent to Vasudens, he has no strong political ideology and enjoys working with people, taking charge if no one else steps forward.



Body 6
Mind 5
Soul 4

Derived Values

ACV1 5 // -
DCV2 5 - //
DM3 5
HP4 50
EP5 45
SV6 10

Attributes, Skills, and Defects

Attribute Level Effect
Aura of Inspiration (military science) 1 Matias has no patience for indecisiveness in dangerous situations, and will urge his teamates to work together toward success.
Combat Technique (Concealment) 1 Many years of hiding things where the customs agents hopefully won't look or stick their hands in.
Combat Technique (Portable Armory) 1 You never know when you might need gun oil, sulfuric acid, a copper tube, and a fusion pack to totally ruin some dude's day
Sixth Sense (Danger) 1 At a certain point, the universe trying to kill you becomes more annoying than scary.
Feature 1 Man Machine Interface jack. USB port of the future, allowing him to interface with whatever things need a manual connection.
Skill Level Relevant Stat Stat
Burglary (hotwiring) 1 Body or Mind 6/5
Computers (AI) 1 Mind 5
Electronics (Repair and Upgrade) 1 Mind 5
Demolition (artificial structures) 1 Body or Mind 6/5
Drive (small trucks) 1 Body or Mind 6/5
Etiquette (street) 1 Mind 5
Intimidation 1 (physical size) 1 Any 5
Mechanics (improvising) 1 Mind (sometimes Body) 5/6
Medical emergency response ) 1 (sometimes Body) 5/6
Military sciences (teamwork) 1 Mind 5
Navigation (space) 1 Mind 5
Piloting (small craft) 1 Av. of Body and Mind 5
Powerlifting (moving objects) 1 Body 6
Streetsense (influential individuals) 1 Mind or Soul 6/5
Stealth (silent movement) 1 Body (sometimes Mind) 6/5


Survival jacket 19pts=9pts item
Features: Pouches
Features: Weather proofing
Features: Pimp as fuck
Special defense lvl 1: cold 2pts
Special defense lvl 1: freezing water 2pts
Special defense lvl 1: overheating 2pts
Armor lvl 5 10 armor. 10pts
This worn, armored coat has been with Matias for pretty much his entire adult life.
M.A.R.G.a.R.I.T.A. (see page) 15pts=7pts item
Modular Automated Reconnaissance Guide and Robotic Information Technology Assistant R.I.T.A. is Matias' pride and joy, the work of over a dozen years of tinkering in robotics and AI programming. Resembling a meter long centipede in its normal form, it can assume a wide variety of shapes and forms. It has a wide suite of programs and functions that have greatly contributed to his continued existence thus far.
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