Player: AceFace
Character: Matte Hatfors
Mission: Amass disproportionate power and wealth, help bring Sor down.
Duty: Bring happiness to others and smiles to the faces of innocents
Passion: -

Stats: Rank
Body: 1
Coord: 3
Sense: 1
Know: 2
Command: 1
Charm: 3
Skills: Rank
Body Skills:
Athletics: 2
Coord Skills:
Dodge: 3
Perform (Lute): 1+MD
Weapon (Spear): 4+ED
Knowledge Skills:
Language: Native: (natural MD)
Tactics: 4
Command Skills:
Inspire: 2
Sense Skills:
Scrutinize: 5
Charm Skills:
Fascinate: 3
Plead: 3

Pretty 3

Special Techniques:
Words Fail, My Beloved
The Taste of My Tears
Exquisite Whine
Dogged Persistence

Spear (Width Killing, +1 Shock)
Leather Armour (1-9 AR 1 Light)
Iron helm (10 AR 2)
Go set or Warhams
Luck Charm
Nice clothes!

Born into a fairly wealthy family - those who run a business
One day, soon after the RISE OF SOR, they were horribly murdered
She inherited the wealth, but blames the killing on Sor
Has been big on merchantism and diplomacy, working together
Ended up befriending a cannibal elf, convincing her to be more active in defending her land
The two teamed up, and eventually met others during the day of dreams

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