Mercia Optimus

Name: Mercia von Optimus
Gender: Female
Race: Elf, Prime
Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: 16
Faction: Fated
Concept: Arrogant noble wizard girl, lots of will but little training or knowledge.
Appearance: Mercia is short and, though her clothes make a brave effort to hide it, built more like Minorin than the slender elven princess she imagines herself as. She wears large, round glasses, lets her hair flow freely and tends to dress in elaborate, high-collared robes. She also likes to wear a lot of rings to flaunt her wealth.


(140 points spent)

Body: 2
Mind: 6
Soul: 6

Base Combat Value: 4
Attack Combat Value: 4
Attack Combat Value, Ranged: 9
Defense Combat Value: 7

Damage Multiplier: 7

Health: 40/40
Energy: 60/60

Armor: 4
Forcefield: 28
Forcefield + Armor: 32

Fireball: 44 Damage
Lightning Bolt: 44 Damage
Evard's Black Tentacles: 16 Damage
Healing: -30 Damage


(131 points spent)

Armor, Level 2(4 points): Magical Robes
Combat Technique, Level 3(6 points): Lightning Reflexes x 3(+9 Initiative)
Defense Combat Mastery, Level 3(30 points): What if someone damages her awesome clothes and looks? D:
Divine Relationship, Level 2(4 points): Too arrogant to believe she's failed
Flight, Level 2(16 points): Magical Girls can fly, duh
Heightened Senses, Level 8(16 points): Elven Ears+4 & Elven Eyes+4!
Massive Damage, Level 2(20 points): Magic goes boom!
Ranged Attack, Level 5(15 points): What's the fun in shooting if you can't hit?
Resistance, Level 5(10 points): Some of her rings are actually magical.
Wealth, Level 2(10 points): She blingin'

(62 points remain)

Magical Staff!


(64 of 64 points spent, only 32 "real" points, Items are cheap!)

Weapon 5, Range 2, Area 3(15 points): Fireball! Wizards gotta have that.
Weapon 5, Range 2(12 points, halved): Lightning Bolt is a classic.
Weapon 0, Range 2, Flare 3(5 points, halved): Just a big flash of light, emergency thing.
Weapon 1, Range 2, Tangle 3(7 points, halved): Evard's Black Tentacles.
Healing 3(12 points): She has to touch or bop someone for it to work.
Forcefield 7, Area 3(24 points): General forcefield to stop things staving in her head. Can defend others, too! Unfortunately she has to focus on it to keep it up.


(31 of 31 points spent)

Artisan, Clothesmaking(3 ranks/1).
Cultural Arts, Stuff Related to Wizards(3 ranks/1).
Etiquette, Uppermost Class(3 ranks/1).
Gaming, Roleplaying Games(6 ranks/1).
Intimidation(3 ranks/2).
Occult, Summoning(5 ranks/2).

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