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Snowfall and blizzard-strength winds in Alaska, along with several large avalanches have effectively cut off all communications and travel within the remote US state. Several groups of refugees have already fled across the Alaskan/Canadian border, seeking more surviveable climes. The Snow Lions, fresh back from operations in the Swiss Alps fighting Italian bandits, may be en route to the situation to assist in keeping order.[Would you like to know more?]

Canadian government officials refuse to comment on the situation in Vancouver, stating that the largely autonomous state will have to deal with its own problems, at least until they stop the Quebecois Seperatist Movement. Recent arrival of French mercenaries by orbital drop to reinforce Quebecois positions threatens to extend the Siege of Quebec by another year.[Would you like to know more?]

LunaCorp dispatches the Green Legion to deal with the saboteurs who redirected the Luna-1 mass driver to drop a load of raw materials on Taiwan rather than towards the cradle near Beijing, earlier this month. The success of the saboteurs is a major embarrassment to the Green Legion so soon after getting a contract extension with LunaCorp.[Would you like to know more?]


WAR! Coinciding with the first snowfall, which will supposedly be well over a foot of the fluffy white surprise, all factions within Vancouver have mobilized as a response to Vitriolic Solutions' audacious raid against the VDF. All sides are slinging accusations of secret deals and backroom dealings, but fact is that we're going to be knee-deep in shells any day now.[Would you like to know more?]

Eyewitness reports suggest that the Black Sickle Brigade, an elite mercenary regiment specialized in mechanized operations, have been seen in and near Vancouver. So far MercNet has no news of any contracts they may have taken.[Would you like to know more?]

Reports indicate that the Black Spider ninja clan is operating in Vancouver recently, MercNet will pay well for any information on their movements and goals as they were behind a major cyber-attack on our mainframe seven years ago. A statement from an anonymous BSNC spokesman indicates that they are currently pursuing a vendetta with veteran mercenary Shogo Oshi of newcomer company Vitriolic Solutions. Wouldn't like to be in his shoes![Would you like to know more?]



Baron Hazard's Green Legion won the annual MercNet championship in Kazakhstan again this year with over 100 confirmed insurgent kills. This lands them a ten-year contract extension with LunaCorp and a tactical defense contract with the Indian government.[Would you like to know more?]

Extreme unseasonly weather in Alaska and along the Bering Strait force Sea Wolf smuggling lines further south, spokesmen for the group in China say that Russian, Canadian and American anti-smuggling operations will still be "a piece of cake" to avoid, makes references to possible contracts with the Nautilus Group for convoy defense.[Would you like to know more?]

London AI to be activated by the end of 2052, regular mercenary units protest against being put out of work by automated security drones. When will someone think of the local economy?[Would you like to know more?]


Violence flares in Vancouver as open fighting overtakes the slums after a month-long slump. Newcomer mercenary group Vitriolic Solutions indicated as working contracts for AgriCorp and the Sea Wolves, fighting local gangs. Paladin Security spokesman dismisses Vitriolic as "inconsequential," government condemns mercenary interference, stating that "regular police units would have dealt with it in a less violent manner."[Would you like to know more?]

Mjolnir Weaponry testing grounds are hit by unnamed mercenaries, though survivors indicate it may have been Vitriolic Solutions being contracted by Paladin Security. Paladin Security denies all rumours, extends offer of defense contract to Mjolnir Weaponry. No reply from Mjolnir Weaponry spokespersons as of this time.[Would you like to know more?]

Sea Wolves and Vancouver PD forces clash in and around the docks district, along with unnamed criminals suspected to be the Ghost Syndicate. Several Vecna Robotics warehouses raided, corporate security suffering heavy casualties. Despite fighting, Sea Wolves supposedly escape with millions of Global Credits' worth of arts and goods.[Would you like to know more?]

Ghost Syndicate raids Zaether Clinics cryolab, raising concerns about the safety of patients. Zaether Clinics spokespeople insist that it will not happen again and that they are already making offers to several mercenary/security groups for defense contracts.[Would you like to know more?]

Large battle consumes Mercurial Enterprises compound along Canal 10. Ghost Syndicate, mercenary and Paladin Security forces confirmed to have been involved, Vitriolic Solutions involvement suspected but not confirmed. Corporate security and Ghost death toll high, Paladin Security loses an entire Operative Team. Mercurial Enterprises cites high satisfaction with mercenary support.[Would you like to know more?]

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