Name: Oscar "Oz" Hansen
Callsign: Mercurial
Association: EuroCorp
Party: Paladin Team Beta

A force of insanity and genius unspoil't by an imposed sense of order, Mercurial is living in a world where everything is - or can be made - hilarious. He has a fetish for machine women, which makes the fact that he considers Aina his daughter quite twisted - but it's nothing he lets dampen his spirit.

It's not clear where Mercurial gets his wardrobe items from, or why he thinks wearing MC Hammer pants with a neon green-chequered vest over a pink womens-size small T-shirt is a good idea - but people around him eventually have to accept his random-table-composed outfits as a kind of fact of life and learn to anticipate his arrivals so that they can avert their eyes. Added to this is his string of experiments regarding how many fluorescent chemicals he can infuse his scalp with - often setting him with hair that would make him instantly win at any form of laser tag.

Thus far only one thing seems to dampen Mercurial's absurd mirth - the fear of ending up in a vegetative state, his mind divorced from both body and electronics. His nervous system has a weak spot where EuroCorp (and later UN) scientists patched up damage caused to him by the AI Berlin in a lovers' meeting with unintended consequences.

Mercurial's team consists of him, Paladin, Ghost, Aether, Zombie and Templar


In a previous life, Mercurial was Oscar Hansen - a farmer's son (not implying a lack of technology in his upbringing) from somewhere in Europe. After a career as an underground hacker, he eventually ended up a piece of destructive technology in the hands of EuroCorp before the exodus from Earth.

Since then, he's made a name for himself as a member of Team Beta (liked by the media for his outspokenness and ability to produce quotes that can easily be ripped out of context, hated for the fact that recording devices die, malfunction or simply explode in his vicinity), sponsor of the notorious M Channel and for being the first man in the UN in a couple of centuries to successfully produce an Artificial Intelligence in Aina - AI of the UNFCr Ainalhai.


Body 4
Mind 10
Soul 4

Combat Value: 6 (Handgun/Hax: 7)
Defence Value: 5
Damage Multiplier: 5
Health Points: 60/60
Shock Value: 12
Armour Rating: 6

Computer Scanning 4 (16)
Feature (Camera, Data Backup System, GPS, Personal Computer) (4)
Ranged Attack(Handguns) 1 (2)
Ranged Attack(Hax) 1 (2)

Mind Control 4 (28) 7/lvl

Limitation: Machines Only
Attack Roll vs target Defence
Success: full control for 1 minute unless broken*
*If acting against nature or GM's choice: Break check = victim's Mind or Soul vs controller's Mind + Mind Control Level.

Weapon(Wi-Fi HAX) 4 (12) 2/lvl

Base Damage: 27

Psychic (Ignores Armour/Forcefield)
Limitation: Machines Only

Item (EuroCorp 'Enforcer' revolver with Grey Goo bullets) 4 (12)

Base Damage: 27

Continuing 2 (inflicts 5 damage following two turns)
Insidious (5) (Ignores Armour/Forcefield)
Ammo 1

Companion 1 (3) - Drone "Millipede"
Body 2
Mind 2
Soul 2

Combat Value: 2
Defence Value: 2
Damage Multiplier: 5
Health Points: 20
Shock Value: 4

- Feature (Basic AI, Camera, GPS) (3)
- Swarm (40 small drones) 2 (8)
- Weapon (Incapacitating 5) 0 (6) [1 hour]
- Telepathy Minor Class (Secure Eurocorp Slave Link) 3 (6) [1km]
- Special Movement (Wall-Crawling) 2 (4)


Biological Sciences (m) (Neurology) 3 (3)
Burglary (b/m) (Hot-wiring) 1 (2)
Computers (m) (Programming, Intrusion/Security, Networks, Databases, Electronic Warfare, Artificial Intelligence) 7 (17)
Driving (b/m) (Car) 1 (2)
Electronics (m) (Computers, Cybernetics, Consumer Electronics, Communications, Robotics, Security, Sensors) 6 (15)
Forgery (m) (Electronic Documents) 5 (5)
Gaming (m) (Computer Games, Military Simulations, Role-Playing Games) 4 (5)
Languages (m) (Code Language, Binary, Morse) 2 (3)
Mechanics (m) (Micro, Nano, Aeronautics) 2 (3)
Physical Sciences (m) (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Chemistry, Engineering, Biochemistry) 5 (8)
Visual Arts (b/m/s) (Video) 1 (1)

Weak Point -2 (Neural Patch, base of skull)
Easily Distracted -3

1-Slot Special Defenses: Aging, Disease, Freezing Cold, Freezing Water, Lack of Air, Lack of Food, Lack of Water, Low Pressure, High Pressure, Overheating, Poison, Sleep. + 4 levels of Tough. 3 levels of Armour. 2 points of Organizational Ties(?????).


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