Messi was already in the ship when the new cap'n and his crew entered for the first time. For all introduction, he grunted at them and shoved them back out. He then slowly mopped the muddy footprints the others had left in, or spread the mud all over the airlock. Depends on your point of view.

Once proper introductions were made and feet wiped, Messi was quite forthcoming with his owning a share of the ship and not being second-rate background hired help. He even has papers covered in legalese and the blood of the previous crew to prove it.

Name: Messi
Position: Janitor
Health: 3/3
Morale: 3/3

Stats & Skills

Intellect: 3
Logic +5
Rhetoric +4 (+5 Signature Skill)
Encyclopedia +5
Drama +3
Conceptualization +3
Visual Calculus +3
Psyche: 3
Volition +3
Inland Empire +3
Empathy +3
Authority +3 (+2 Mop & Bucket)
Suggestion +3
Esprit de Terra +3
Physique: 3
Physical Instrument +3 (+4 Overly Large Wrench)
Electrochemistry +3
Endurance +3
Half Light +3
Pain Threshold +3
Shivers +3
Motorics: 3
Hand/Eye Coordination +3
Reaction Speed +3 (+2 Overly Large Wrench)
Perception +3
Savoir Faire +3 (+4 Mop & Bucket)
Composure +3
Interfacing +3


One for all!

Helping out others gives you sort of a good feeling, even if there's no tangible reward, it's enough to know that you bailed someone else out of a tough spot. It does mean opening up your heart to others, though, and that can hurt sometimes.

Effects: Allows a reroll on any roll that's directly related to helping someone else. -1 Morale if a failed roll results in an ally getting killed or hurt.

Dangerously Competent

The ability to snatch success from the jaws of defeat is a rare and unique skill, some people are simply at their best when the stakes can't get any higher.

Effects: If you roll a 1,1, you may flip it to a 6,6 at the cost of 1 Morale.


  • Mop & Bucket (+1 Savoir Faire, -1 Authority)
  • Overly Large Wrench (+1 Physical Instrument, -1 Reaction Speed)

Equipment: Mop & Bucket, Overly Large Wrench

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