Methusselah the Feathered Serpent

Methusselah came from an egg.

It was twice as big as an ostrich's egg, lustrous in both color and pattern, and came from the ancient ruins of a bygone era. After a chance landslide, treasure hunters entered in search of treasure, and claimed the egg… but after being exposed to seven days of sunlight, it hatched. The treasure hunters weren't terribly good people, but not terribly evil either, and so they left Methusselah at a nearby monastery before continuing their journey.

This was many years ago.

The sleepy monastery of cloistered old hermits, slowly but surely as an acorn, became an ecclesiastic splinter, full of vibrant youths devoted to the will of a certain being.

Head: ☐☐☐☐☐☐☐☐☐☐
Torso: ☐☐☐☐☐☐☐☐☐☐☐☐☐☐☐☐☐☐☐☐

Stats & Skills (79)

Body: 5
Fight 3
Coordination: 2
Climb MD
Dodge 5
Sense: 2
Eerie 2
Knowledge: 5
Counterspell MD
Strategy 5
Command: 1
Charm: 1
Fascinate MD

XP: 130+25 (21 used, 4 unused)

Abilities (70)

Serpentine (0)
Your character is a giant serpent or worm of some sort. This means you lack arms and legs, but are instead quite large and dangerous. All attacks that would normally hit your limbs instead hit your body, and the default health of your body and head are increased to 20 and 10 respectively. Serpentine creatures also have a Tail Slam unarmed attack in place of punches and kicks, which does Width+1 Shock.
Flight (10)
Your character can fly. Whether by wings or magic, they still need to touch down and rest sometimes, so they can't stay airborne permanently. You cannot wear heavier than Light armor while flying, and suffer a -3d penalty to using bows from the air. Being airborne can be used to make Depth Charges from above.
Venom (10)
Your character has poisonous fangs or claws, attacked with using the Fight skill. In the case of fangs, their damage is Width Killing, but always reduced to 1 after armor is considered. Poisonous claws do normal unarmed damage. If the target suffers any damage, they're injected with a poison that has Potency equal to the amount of points spent on Venom. The Minor effect is to apply 1 Killing damage to the target area, and the Major effect is to apply 5 damage to the target area, with one point of Killing being applied every round until all five points have taken effect.
Glamor (10)
The ability to hide and disguise your appearance and location. In combat, this translates to the first, successful non-Area, non-Magic attack against you in the fight automatically failing.
Mage (Fire) (20)
Your character is a rank 2 mage in the path of Fire. Every Path rank includes one free spell learned. Rank 2 costs 20 points, Rank 3 costs 40 points, etc. up to rank 9 as the maximum. Fire is probably the most self-explanatory discipline. It's concerned with setting things on fire and making them explode, but also occasionally with purification by flame. Fire mages can conjure small, non-damaging fires(for campfires, lighting pipes, etc.) at will.
Mage (Astral) (10)
Your character is a rank 1 mage in the path of Astral. Every Path rank includes one free spell learned. Rank 2 costs 20 points, Rank 3 costs 40 points, etc. up to rank 9 as the maximum. Astral is the discipline of pure magic, souls, minds, countermagic and teleportation. All astral mages are capable of short-range telepathy, though they have to know the recipient's language and the recipient must be willing. They can also create small sources of light, similar to a torch or flashlight, at will, either a mystic orb hovering near their body or their skin itself glowing.
Resistance (Fire) (5)
Your character has inherent 1 Armor against Fire damage. Can be bought multiple times.
Awe (5)
Mook groups attempting to attack the character get a penalty to all dice pools equal to the ranks of Awe the character possesses(one rank per 5 points spent). Does not affect mindless mooks like lesser undead or constructs.

Spells (2)

Fireball (0)
Description: Probably the most defining spell of the Path of Fire, a great big roiling burst of explosive plasma that can tear formations to shreds.
Effect: Width Area Shock worth of damage.
Roll: Body+Path
Fatigue: 6 Shock
Gems: None

Fire Shield (0)
Description: While it doesn't keep the caster or the target safe, a Fire Shield will make anyone without a bow or polearm think twice about making an attack.
Effect: Width Shock Fire damage to anyone attacking with a weapon that isn't ranged or a polearm.
Roll: Sense+Path
Fatigue: 3 Shock
Gems: None

Phoenix Pyre (0)
Description: If slain, the mage is reborn in a burst of flame and smoke.
Effect: If the caster's Head or Body slot is filled with Killing damage within a day of casting Phoenix Pyre, he is reborn with Width Killing damage restored to Shock(distributed as the caster wishes), and all enemies in melee suffer Height Shock Area damage.
Roll: Body+Path
Fatigue: 5 Shock
Gems: 1 Fire

Solar Eclipse (0)
Description: The Fire mage uses his Astral knowledge to conjure a conjunction between the celestial bodies, temporarily blotting out the sun.
Effect: For Width rounds, everyone on the battlefield is considered to be Blinded unless they have Nightvision or Spirit Vision.
Roll: Knowledge+Path
Fatigue: 6 Shock
Gems: None
Supporting Path: Astral

Antimagic (0)
Description: Guards all allies against hostile magic.
Effect: All allies get 2/Width Master Dice to their Counterspell rolls for the duration of the encounter, this includes the caster.
Roll: Knowledge+Path
Fatigue: 2 Shock
Gems: 1 Astral Pearl

Luck (0)
Description: Heroic luck preserves the target from a killing blow.
Effect: The caster chooses one character as a target. If a blow would be successful and kill the target, the damage is reduced by Width(cannot become negative but can be reduced to zero). This effect lasts for Height rounds. Once it has prevented one killing blow, the effect dissipates.
Roll: Knowledge+Path
Fatigue: 4 Shock
Gems: None

Solar Rays (2)
Description: The caster attempts to banish the undead.
Effect: This spell only works where sunlight is present. It deals Width Area Killing damage to an undead target or mook mob.
Roll: Knowledge+Path
Fatigue: 5 Shock
Gems: None


A lucky charm or talisman.
A mirror.
House in town (3 wealth)
A month's course rations for 1 soldier (1 wealth)
Simple weapons and shields for 1 soldier (2 wealth)
Fire gem (1?)
Gift of Kurgi

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