Mex Terenti

Name: Mex Terenti
Appearance: Poncho, sombrero, large moustache, sunglasses.
Mecha: Poncho, sombrero, large moustache, sunglasses. Rides a mecha donkey, dual-wields a cactus and a bottle of tequila.
Archetype: Gringo
Role: Ese
First Appearance: Episode 1
Ratio Modifier: 1
Allegiance: The Mexicorporation

Gar Charge:10/10
Plot Armor: 10/10
Gar: 10
Power(Mecha/Training): 10


Taco Bell(Ordinary trait. Causes the subject to experience intense and unstoppable diarrhea.): 2

The Worm(Ordinary trait. Unleashes the worm from his tequila bottle to vomit forth lasers upon the enemy.): 2

El Burro(Limit +2. Mex can move faster than anyone if he spurs his donkey to it.): 2(rank)+2=4

Tequila Time(Limit+1. Mex knows how to wrest information out of people after getting them drunk): 1(rank)+1=2

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