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The Mi-Go are smart enough not to screw around with sorcery.

Mi-Go Biology

As best as humanity has been able, Mi-Go fall into some unholy combination of fungoid and crustacean life. Their main body is a hard-shelled, elongated carapace that terminates in a pointy tip. They have a total of eight, similarly shelled, limbs, the exact size and configuration of limbs depends upon caste and ranking. At the "head" end of their carapace, a roughly rounded, spongy "head" protrudes from the carapace. It has no orifices or apparent sensory organs, but instead a lot of fungoid bulges. Sprouting from their back are two large, semi-transparent, moth-like wings. Whenever in motion, Mi-Go are suspended in the air and seemingly unaffected by even gale-force winds. Apocryphal reports also suggest Mi-Go wings functioning in a vacuum. Flying Mi-Go can reach speeds up to thirty kilometers per hour.

The carapace and limbs are usually a bronze colour, aside from caste markings, the wings blackish-green, and the "head" a livelier, grassier green. Reports indicate that sick, wounded or emotionally unstable Mi-Go may experience considerable colour changes on their fungoid parts.

The upper two Mi-Go limbs always terminate in hands, with between four and seven fingers on each. If there are more than five fingers, two are always opposable thumbs, otherwise one is. The bottom pair of limbs are always legs. Possible shapes for the two middle sets of limbs are: More hands, more feet(lower set only), weaponized chitin blades.

Low-ranking Mi-Go are approximately half the size of an adult human, not counting wings, somewhere between 3 and four feet from top of fungoid "bulge" to end of lowest leg set. Mid-ranking Mi-Go are approximately six to seven feet. Reports indicate that high-ranking Mi-Go may be up to twelve feet, and at that stage remain largely stationary or confined to a few chambers, operating through subordinates for the most part. Apocryphal info suggests that there may exist one or two massive, elephant-sized, sedentary Mi-Go commanders in the Sol system. Presumably these titanic creatures are responsible for coordinating Mi-Go efforts on a larger scale and are highly important to the functioning of their society.

Details on Mi-Go diet, reproduction and respiration are unknown, but research is on-going.

Mi-Go Society and Culture

Preliminary research suggests that Mi-Go society is organized into a few broad "castes," which young Mi-Go are sorted into shortly after hatching(or birth, however it works). Scientific(white), Military(red), Support(blue), Security(Green) and an unidentified and rare caste with purple carapace markings.

As Mi-Go advance in the ranks, they grow in physical size. This seems completely unrelated to actual Mi-Go age. When they're "promoted," various chemical changes trigger a hard-coded evolution. They go dormant for a period of days up to a week, then emerge from their old carapace bigger and stronger. In some cases, such as for the military castes, the functioning of their limbs may also change. Low-caste military Mi-Go often seem to have hardened carapace blades which are lost as they grow larger and use their second and third limb sets for external weapons instead.

Above the lowest ranks, there seems to be a limited number of available niches in each caste, leading to ruthless jockeying for position. Seeing as how demotion is impossible due to the very physical nature of promotion, Mi-Go often advance in the ranks by removing those immediately above them(or further up, triggering a domino effect of promoted superiors whose positions they can take). This behavior isn't frowned upon from an ethical standpoint, only from a legal standpoint. Apparently it's a perfectly viable strategy for Mi-Go as long as they do not actually get caught. In recent years, Mi-Go have outsourced some of their assassinations to human crews to further obfuscate their own involvement. Others have started to prefer human aides and assistants who have less to benefit from killing them.

Mi-Go values seem heavily focused around scientific progress and the survival of their race, which they apparently feel is regularly under threat. Their species-wide paranoia for their own survival seems further aggravated by seeing other species of similar strength lost to arcane/arcanotech accidents. One that pops up often in conversation, though they refuse to elaborate upon it, is the destruction of the Shan, apparently former residents of the planet Shaggai. They have little to no value placed upon human concepts such as freedom or compassion, but seem capable of forming friendships, both within their own race and with humans, though the latter is obviously extremely rare, and more characterized as that of seeing a human as a trusted and reliable subordinate.

The Mi-Go have no artists of their own, and no artist caste. The details of what they do with any free time they have, if they have any, is unknown, but it is known that some of them put status into possession of human-made art. It's unclear whether they appreciate it themselves or simply use it to lord over underlings and those of equal rank when they secure a rare or valuable piece.

Despite their insectoid appearance and initial claims of their being a "hive mind," Mi-Go are perfectly capable of disobeying their superiors, though it appears they largely choose to do so by twisting the wording of orders rather than directly refusing to obey.

So far no rogue Mi-Go suffering the censure of wider Mi-Go society have been discovered. Whether this is due to the absence of the phenomena or highly efficient internal Mi-Go policing is unknown.

Mi-Go and Humans

As mentioned, Mi-Go values differ from human ones, and their emotional spectrum is largely unknown(though it definitely seems to involve known emotions such as anger and jealousy), this is largely a barrier to human Mi-Go interactions on anything but a "business"-level. Some humans do report having interactions with Mi-Go which went beyond that, though it's unclear whether the Mi-Go were genuinely interested in non-scientific, non-military, non-industrial matters or just probing for human psych intelligence.

It is however confirmed that some Mi-Go grow to prefer certain humans as co-workers or subordinates, and there are currently several thousand regular human employees at the Boston Mi-Go Arcology.

Many humans mistrust Mi-Go, and organizations such as the PEP(People of Earth for Purity) advocate a complete non-cooperation with them. Some even suggest making war upon the Mi-Go again, possibly using Arcanotech weaponry once more if it should be necessary.

In order to foster more trust for the Mi-Go, the UEG is funding a variety of documentary media which explodes the nature, history and psychology of the Mi-Go, as well as less scientific entertainment media which portrays Mi-Go in a positive light. Polls report these as having a, so far, small but noticeable effect on public opinion of the Mi-Go.

What the Mi-Go themselves think of children's movies like "Freddy the Red-Chitin'd Mi-Go" is anyone's guess.

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