Mikros Vastil

Mikros Vastil

Race: Undead (Human)

Class and Level: Earth Cleric 2

Starting HP: 18
Base HP Per Level: +6
Base Defense: 15
Base Stamina: 23
Base Stamina Per Level: +4
Starting Skill Points: 6(One must be spent on a species skill)
Free Starting Skills: Guardian, Unsteady Ground, Inspiring Song
Starting Funds: 75 Flints

HP: 18/18
Stamina: 27/27

11 Armor

Unarmed 1d4 damage


Skill Trees:


Defender grants a passive bonus to any actions that involve physically defending or verbally standing up for others.



Lithomancy grants a passive bonus to mining, engineering, geology and related fields of study.



Orator grants a passive bonus to making arguments that rely primarily on emotional impact.


Erosion Cultist

Erosion Cultist adds a passive bonus to any attempts at lying.

Starting Skills: (4)

Guardian(Starting Skill, Passive)- The Earth Cleric can choose to take half the damage that any ally in his range band would take, splitting the damage before armor is applied. Using this ability costs 2 Adrenaline.

Unsteady Ground(Starting Skill, Speed 5)- All combatants in the target range band are dealt armor-ignoring damage equal to their armor value(up to a maximum of 10 damage), as the ground heaves and buckles below them, throwing them to their feet. They're also moved two ticks farther down the initiative scale. Cost: 4 Adrenaline.

Inspiring Song(Starting skill, Speed 3/Passive)- Every allied character spends Stamina and gains Adrenaline as though they'd just taken an action, also counts as an action for the purpose of calculating Stamina expenditure and Adrenaline gain on the next action. The Earth Cleric is also familiar with musical instruments and has an excellent singing/choir voice, consider them to have a +3 if they attempt to use these abilities for something, as well as a +3 to all attack rolls using Instruments(or their special abilities when one is called for). Cost: 2 Adrenaline.

Harmless(Starting Skill, Passive)- Add a +3 to any attempt to convince someone that you're no threat and/or have no hostile intentions towards them.

Learned Skills: (9)

Mummified(Tier 1, Prerequisite(s): None, Passive)- Gain a permanent +1 to Armor. Cannot be chosen alongside Skeletal.

Stone Prison(Tier 1, Prerequisite(s): Unsteady Ground, Speed 5)- Erects tone barriers that prevents any enemies or allies from moving in or out of the target range band. Anyone who wishes to resist the effect is subject to an attack at a +2 modifier which deals 1d6 damage. If they avoid the attack, they may move one range band up or down(unless they're already as near or close as they can be). If they're hit by the attack, the remain constrained to their range band. The effect lasts fifteen ticks. Cost: 4 Adrenaline.

Hurl Boulder(Tier 1, Prerequisite(s): Unsteady Ground, Speed 5)- The Earth Cleric propels a football-sized stone at the target in an attempt to pulp them. This is considered an attack with a +3 modifier to hit and a range of 4, and deals 1d6(+1 per level of the Earth Cleric) damage. If the attack hits, the target is forced back 2 range bands. Cost: 4 Adrenaline.

Calming Speech(Tier 1, Prerequisite(s): Inspiring Song, Speed 3)- Resets every allied character's Stamina expenditure and Adrenaline gain as though their next action was their first for the encounter. Character can choose to not be affected by this at no cost. Cost: 0 Adrenaline.

Teamwork(Tier 1, Prerequisite(s): Guardian, Passive OR Non-Combat.)- Any attack the Earth Cleric makes against a target in the same range band as an ally gets a +2 to hit. Out of combat this allows the Earth Cleric to add +2 to any ally's roll if he can reasonably justify that teamwork would help(distracting guards to let someone else sneak by might work, for instance. Be generous in adjudicating this), the cost for the non-combat use is 1 Stamina.

Magma Flow(Tier 2, Prerequisite(s): Stone Prison, Speed 5)- The Earth Cleric begins a Magma Flow which starts, by his choosing, at either the allied or enemy Distant Range Band. Every five ticks, the Magma Flow moves one Range Band towards the opposite Distant Range Band. When it eventually reaches that Range Band, the effect ends. Anyone present in a Range Band when the Magma Flow arrives takes 1d6 armor-ignoring damage. Cost: 4 Adrenaline

Toxic Blow(Tier 1, Prerequisite(s): Harmless, Speed +2)- Make a normal weapon attack, if it hits, double the damage done after armor is subtracted. Cost: 6 Adrenaline.

Shield Expertise(Tier 1, Prerequisite(s): Guardian, Passive)- The Earth Cleric increases the armor value of any shield he's using by +1, and adds a +2 modifier to hit any time he has a shield in hand.

Dual Shielding(Tier 1, Prerequisite(s): Shield Expertise, Passive)- This allows the Earth Cleric to wield two shields and no weapons. When wielding two shields the speed penalties and armor bonuses of both shields stack, and for the purpose of any skill that calls on the shields' stats(like Shield Bash), they also stack. For the purpose of any skill that calls on a weapon, consider the Earth Cleric to be Unarmed(Range 0, Speed 3, Damage 1d4).


31 Flint


Sword (1d8 damage, Range 0, Speed 5, Melee, Encumbrance 10)

Leather Armor (3 Armor, Speed Penalty 0, Encumbrance 30)

*Reactive Chainmail (8 Armor, Speed Penalty 1, Encumbrance 40)

Small Shield (2 Armor, Speed Penalty +1, Encumbrance 5)

*Reactive Kite Shield (6 Armor, Speed Penalty 1, Encumbrance 5)

Kite Shield (3 Armor, Speed Penalty 1, Encumbrance 5)

Backpack (-15 Encumbrance)

Supplies (2 Encumbrance)

3x Metal (5 Encumbrance each

112/115 Encumbrance total

XP: 80/2400

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