Minorin Kawashiro

Name:Minorin Kawashiro
Gender: Female
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 18
Faction: Believers of the Source (Godsmen)
Concept: Cheerful and optimistic, Minorin generally tries to play by the rules, but twists and breaks them from time to time. Likes to imagine herself as the brains of the group, has a small obsession with technology that can occasionally override her other sensibilities. Tends to keep herself very busy with a variety of part time jobs (all of which have an odd habit of involving Fated-tan as her boss). Has a thing for cute girls as well as men.
Appearance: Minorin is a tall, shapely, and attractive girl who - much to her consernation - often has the attraction of boys (AND girls). She has blonde hair, tends to wear a baseball cap, and always has her Trusty Backpack with her


(Total: 160)

Body: 5
Mind: 6
Soul: 5


(Total: 110)

+2 Aura of Inspiration
+2 Divine Relationship
+3 Features (+2 Appearance (Beauty), Lightning Calculations, Speed Reading)
14 points into Item (+2 Extra Arms, Features (Binocular Zoom, Cell phone, Tool Kit, Search Lights, Camera), +1 Force Field -2 Detectable (the backpack is very noticable for having large gears and gadgets sticking out, and easily detectable),
+4 Power Flux - Creation (16 points to use, Primal, Equipment -1; backpack)
+5 Weapon (Portable Mechanus Canon) +3 Range, +1 Exclusive (Chaotic Creatures)
+5 Weapon (Limbo Zappy Gun) +3 Range, +1 Exclusive (Lawful Creatures)
+4 Ranged Attack (Laser Beamu~)
+1 Combat Technique (Concealement)
+1 Wealth


(Total: 65)

+4 Architecture (Fortifications)
+4 Area Knowledge (Sigil)
+6 Artisan (Pottery)
+3 Domestic Arts (Cleaning)
+6 Mechanics (Micro, Armorer, Gunsmith)
+4 Performing Arts (keyboard, bass)
+6 Physical Sciences (Engineering, Mathematics, Physics)
+3 Seduction (Physical)
+6 Sports (Baseball)
+6 Visual Arts (sculpting)
+3 Writing (Technical)


(Total: -10)

-1 Easily Distracted (Objects of SCIENCE!)
-2 Guy Magnet
-2 Girl Magnet
-2 Cursed (Fanservice magnet)
-2 Phobia (Haunted houses, graveyards at night, stereotypical "scary" things)

Derived Stats

Base Combat Value: 5
Attack Combat Value: 5
Attack Combat Value (Magic Lasers): 9
Defense Combat Value: 5
Armor(Force Field): 3
Damage Multiplier: 5
Health Points: 31/50
Energy Points: 55
Shock: 10

Common forged items:

Forcefield: 5 (20 armor)
Flight (jetpack): 2 (30 kph)

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