Mjolnir Weaponry

Network: CorpNet
Type: Weapons Research Unit
Allies/Friends: The Sea Wolves, Vecna Robotics, Paladin Security
Enemies: The Ghost Syndicate

Mjolnir Weaponry is a former military research department that was bought up by Vecna Robotics and which eventually split off from its mother corporation to do its own thing. It maintains a friendly relationship with Vecna Robotics, however, and the two have many joint projects as they are both on the cutting edge of militarily useful technology.

They have a rocky relationship with Paladin Security(abusive would be a better term), an alliance where they provide Paladin Security with proven prototypes and get beaten up by Paladin-hired mercenaries whenever they try to negotiate for better contractual terms. The Sea Wolves serve as a source of both rare parts and a way to smuggle their merchandise past official checks.

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