Name: Moln Dassalam
Occupation: Wandering Dwarf Soldier
Age: 35
Journal: Here


Moln was born a slave in the city of Balic. There he served as a slave soldier for many years, until his father disappeared. After spending weeks searching the city, Moln concluded that his father had wandered into the wilderness. After having escaped the confines of the city, he now dedicates his soul to finding his father.


Body 5
Mind 4
Soul 3
120/120 pts

Damage Multiplier: 6 (Massive Damage Melee 1)
Combat Value: 4
Attack Value: 4 (+2 Sword, +2 Spear)
Defence Value: 6 (+2 Shield)
HP: 22/40
Shock: 8/8

Attributes and Items

Massive Damage: Melee 7pts
Feature (Longevity) 1 1 pt
Melee Attack (Sword) 2 6pts
Melee Attack (Spear) 2 6pts
Defence Combat Mastery 2 20pts
Telepathy (Mindlink) 1 2pts
"Sight link" 1 2pts

Spear (Weapon 3) 3pts (Dam: 24)
Shortsword (Weapon 2) 2pts (Dam: 18)
Dagger (Weapon 1) 1pts (Dam: 11)
Leather Armour (Armour 6) 3pts
Wooden Shield 2 (Prot:6 Arm:14) 7pts (+2 to defence rolls or +14 to armour val)


Animal Training (Birds) 2 4pts
Area Knowledge (Balic) 3 3pts
Climbing (Natural Surfaces) 2 4pts
Foreign Culture (Thri-Kreen) 1 2pts
Gaming (Gambling/Cards) 2 2pts
Languages (Basic, Dwarven, Kreen) 2 2pts
Navigation (Wilderness) 3 6pts
Wilderness Tracking (Desert, Plains, Forest) 5 6pts
Wilderness Survival (Desert, Plains) 5 6pts


Wanted -2


Mineva (Level 1 Falcon) 2pts
Body 1
Mind 2
Soul 2

Feature (Homing Instinct) 1 1pt
Flight 2 16pts


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