Morrigan I, Queen of Freedonia


Vosgaan Human
Cleric of Cuiraécen,
Blood of Anduiras
Chaotic Neutral
She stands 6'4"/190cm with a weight of FUCK YOU.

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Hit Points: 64 [48+6+10]
THAC0: 15 (14inc str bonus)
Armor Class 1 (0 w/shield)
Base Movement: 12*change*
Experience: 35000
Level: 6
Bloodline Power: 32

Str 17
Dex 11
Con 15
Int 12
Wis 15
Cha 15

Languages: Vos [Native], Low Brecht, Elf, Dorf


1 Weapon Proficiency, +1 every 4 levels.
Nonweapon-Proficiency Penalty: -2
4 [7] Nonweapon Proficiencies, +1 every 3 levels.

Proficient with Bastard Sword, Compound Bow

Administration: (10)
Riding: (18)
Diplomacy: (14)
Leadership: (14)
Religion:Cuiraécen (15)
Law: (11)

+1Hit +1damage 85weightallow 220maxpre 10% opendoor 13% bendbars/liftgates
+1HP 90% Systemshock, 94% rez,
+1mag def. 2nd bonspell, 0% failure
7hench, +3+1 loyalty +3+1 reaction

+1 vs magic
Paralyzation/Poison/Death save 9
Rod, Staff, Wand save 13
Petrification/Polymorph save 12
Breath Weapon Save 15
Spell Save 14

Fighting School Moves

The Bigger They Are!
Stance, Basic
While in this stance, your weapons deal the better damage value against any target, regardless of its size. For example, a longsword deals 1d12 damage, while a warhammer does 1d4+1 damage.

Vicious Charge
-1, Basic
If this strike connects, the warrior's attack flings his opponent backwards several yards, possibly off cliffs or into scenery.

-2, Difficult
If successful, instantly destroys a chosen piece of scenery(which may affect opponents) or a mindless and corporeal undead enemy. Does maximum damage against mindless magical enemies like golems. For inanimate objects, AC is determined by the GM on a case-to-case basis(a huge stone pillar is, for instance, more difficult to bring down than a wooden chair).

Path of Destruction
The warrior may choose to strike his target enemy with such force that it flings him at another foe, dealing as much damage on impact as the original target suffered. This is an option even if the attack kills the original target.

Blood Abilities

Detect Lie: 1/day as spell

Divine Wrath: (Major) HULK SMASH. Never summoned voluntarily; it comes over the scion only when he battles someone who has wronged hi/ar loved ones or himself. DM activates this power. +1 Attack/round, +3 to Attack&Damage, all attacks against her are reduced by 1 point per die of damage. Spells cast result in maximum possible effect.

Healing (minor) 1d6+level on one person, 1/day. As major (boost bloodline spell), as above+ Remove paralysis+cure disease OR cure blindness

Bloodmarks: Visible, recognizable sigh of special heritage. Possible -1 to -4 bonus to encounter reaction checks depending on circumstances of meeting. On Morrigan these tend to manifest literally as blood red stripes across her face and elsewhere.


Full Plate AC1
M. Shield AC -1
Heavy Warhorse +Leather Barding
horse gear (saddle, l. saddlebags, etc)
Royal Outfit [Belt, Fur cloak, Boots, Vest, Silk Jacket, Surcoat, Tabard, Pants, etc.]

Bastard Sword -1h: 1d8 1d12, 2h: 2d4 2d8
Compound LBow - 1d8 or 1d6 depending on arrow

Man-Smiterthe broadsword : +2 to hit and damage vs humans, +1 to hit and damage vs half-elves or any other half-breed that's half human. If used against an elf, it damages the user as though he'd just hit himself. 1d8

Spell storing amulet with CLW in it

Amulet of Turn Undead The amulet is apparently intended to be harmful to the undead. Any random faithful of Avani who wears it can turn the Undead as a fifth-level priest, any non-evil Cleric who wears it, turns undead as if they were two levels higher.

Judgement of the Thunder God In addition to the usual Tighmaevril bloodtheft, it's firstly a +1 Bastard Sword. Secondly, it doubles all damage done against the undead(genuine undead, not weird Awnshleighen like the Vampire). On a critical hit it turns undead like a 9th-level priest. And finally, though it can't call down lightning on its own, if you spend a turn(or two battle rounds), raising it to the sky, it will summon the dark clouds necessary for any thunder or lightning-related spells.
0gp free


three 1st lvl + two bonus 1st level = Five 1st lvl
three 2nd lvl + one bonus 2nd lvl = Four 2nd lvl
two 3rd lvl = Two 3rd lvl

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