Real Name:
Codename: Myrmidon
Association: EuroCorp
Party: Originally with Mexico City's Paladin Team Alpha, after an accident with the "drug" Anarchy his team was dissolved. Currently spends his time with Hudson and Owens.

Myrmidon's augmentation's appear to be focused on physical strength, seeing as how the first time Team Beta encountered him, he flung an entire police car at them. He had been pretending to be a hobo, and when Ghost, Mercurial and Paladin figured out what was up, he fought like crazy not to be dragged back to EuroCorp. The Anarchy drug had disabled his control chip and he had a temporary psychosis as a result, killing two policemen and needing to have his leg sawed off by Ghost before he calmed down.

During the attack by the Androids and Tarantula on EuroCorp's Mexico City HQ, he was among the cyborgs evacuated to London. Once there, he was moved into an alcoholism treatment program which he promptly escaped from and then proceeded to crash at Hudson and Owens' place, apparently spending most of his time getting very, very drunk.

Beyond drinking, he seems to be as much of a gun-enthusiast as Paladin, and the two of them have gotten sucked into weapons debates before.

Appearance-wise, it's known that Myrmidon could, with a change of clothes, pass for a hobo except for his well-kept teeth. This suggests that he reeks of booze and probably doesn't shave as often as he ought to.


Despite having a cyborg corps sharing his name, Myrmidon appears to be absent in the time after Earth has been evacuated. There are a few references to him in the early post-Earth era, but after that he completely drops out of the historical records. Oddly enough around the same time that the Myrmidon Marines are formed.

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