Name: Narwa
Age: ???
Hair: Red
Eyes: Red
Height: 225cm
Goal: Get into fights. Win fear, respect, and treasure. Bring dragons back.
Level: 1 (3/3 XP, 2/2 Dominion)

HP: 11/11
Effort: 2/2
Influence: 1/2

Attribute Number Bonus Skill Roll
Strength 19 +4 2+
Dexterity 14 +1 7+
Constitution 18 +3 3+
Intelligence 13 +1 8+
Wisdom 10 0 11+
Charisma 13 +1 8+
Saving Throw Roll Needed
Hardiness 11+
Evasiveness 14+
Spirit 14+

Armour Class: 2 (Base 3, -1 Dex)
Base Attack Bonus: +1
Melee: +5 attack, 1d12+4
Fire: +4 attack, 1d10+3, 50ft range
Fray 1d8
Immunities Environmental damage, fire, smoke. No need to eat, sleep, drink or breathe.

Fact 1: Origin: I'm old. I don't exactly remember much.
Fact 2: Profession:
Fact 3: Relationship: I'm so lonely ;_; but I'll never admit it.

Bound Words: Endurance, Fire, Might.

Body of Iron Will: AC 3 and immunity to environmental damage.
Fists of Black Iron: Constant, one-handed weapons deal 1d10 damage, two-handed and unarmed deal 1d12, counts as magical.
Falling Meteor Strike: Smash anything 10ft in diameter. Commit Scene Effort if supernaturally tough.
[Sapphire Wings]: Can fly at double speed. Can fly 100 mph overland.
Firestorm: Commit Scene Effort. Choose a point within sight. Chosen targets within 100ft hit by 1d6 damage per level (Evasion halves).

Gear, Equipment, and Possessions

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