Name: Narwa
Age: ???
Hair: Red
Eyes: Red
Height: 225cm
Goal: Get into fights. Win fear, respect, and treasure. Get back to be a proper Dragon.
Level: 4 (20 XP, 10 Dominion spent, 2 free Dominion)

HP: 21/29
Effort: 3/5
Influence: 3/5

Attribute Number Bonus Skill Roll
Strength 19 +4 2+
Dexterity 14 +1 7+
Constitution 18 +3 3+
Intelligence 13 +1 8+
Wisdom 10 0 11+
Charisma 13 +1 8+
Saving Throw Roll Needed
Hardiness 8+
Evasiveness 11+
Spirit 11+

Armour Class: 2 (Base 3, -1 Dex)
Base Attack Bonus: +4
Melee: +8 attack, 1d12+4
Fire: +5 attack, 1d10+3, 50ft range
Fray 1d8
Immunities Environmental damage, fire, smoke, falling, electricity, cold, sound. No need to eat, sleep, drink or breathe.

Fact 1: Origin: I'm old. I don't exactly remember much.
Fact 2: Profession: Dragon.
Fact 3: Relationship: I'm so lonely ;_; but I'll never admit it.
Fact 4: Ambition: I will make a powerful dungeon and be respected and feared.
Fact 5: Passion: I hate the Host of Chains and his angels. He sealed me, and I will get back what he has stolen from me.
Fact 6: History: I have a complicated relationship with other ancient dragons: Ajivani, Tufan, and Rudhira Zila.

Bound Words: Endurance, Fire, Might, Sky

Body of Iron Will: AC 3 and immunity to environmental damage.
Fists of Black Iron: Constant, one-handed weapons deal 1d10 damage, two-handed and unarmed deal 1d12, counts as magical.
Falling Meteor Strike: Smash anything 10ft in diameter. Commit Scene Effort if supernaturally tough.
Stronger Than You: Always win Strength contests with other creatures.
Sapphire Wings: Can fly at double speed. Can fly 100 mph overland.
Rain of Lightning: Choose a point within sight. Chosen targets within 100ft hit by 1d6 damage. No save, no Effort cost.
Firestorm: (SMITE) Commit Scene Effort. Choose a point within sight. Chosen targets within 100ft hit by 1d6 damage per level (Evasion halves).
Cinder Words: Commit Effort. Free action: Lesser foes within earshot take Fray damage each round. Can ignite unattended objects.

Receive the Incense of Faith: Receive worship from mortals. Can form a cult.
Sanctify Shrine: Can perceive anything going on at a shrine, can affect the area with Gifts or Miracles. No Effort cost the first time per day.
Smite the Apostate: Can kill or curse any worshiper.
Hear Prayer: Can hear prayers and respond to them.

Gear, Equipment, and Possessions
Wealth 1 (Hoard)

Influence and Dominion
1 Influence: Keep Snakey under control.
1 Influence: Extract gold from the dungeon.
10 Dominion: Hellfire Dungeon, near Kabri Dar. Giant complex of passages, caverns, and legitimate underground cities, going way down under the earth and crawling up through an entire volcano. Includes all sorts of rooms, including hoard, throne room, temple, and a terrace open to the sky near the top. Also includes fire-based facilities such as magical torches, heating, magma forges, flamethrower traps and such. Includes an underground river as well.
(+1 dominion spent by Varvara for magical health fungi)

The Cult of Narwa
Leader: Nahom
Power 1. Cohesion 1.
Action Die: 1d6.
Feature: They're tough and resilient people. Survivors.
Problems: 2. The Cultists of Narwa are raiders by nature. The Cultists of Narwa are hardcore pyromaniacs.
Dominion Gain: 2 per month.

I am the Narwa, the Empress of Searing Flame. The Mother of Sky and Lightning. The Shatterer of Mountains.
I am ancient, and have risen from the endless depths of forever, when Time herself was young.

Like Fire, you will fear me and you will treat me with due respect. And like Fire, I will burn your enemies to cinders, and scatter their ashes to the wind. I will bring you warmth and light in the cold night of death, and shield your soul with my wings. And my fire will burn in your souls, and deliver you to Phlegethon.

To keep that fire alight, you will render sacrifices and services unto me:

You will build fires in my name, and raise your voice in prayer to my glory.
You will be fit in body and soul, and raise your sword against my enemies.
You will tithe that which gleams to me, and dedicate its light to my name.
You will be honest, loyal and true, because trickery is a coward's path.
You will be steadfast and strong, for fortune smiles to those who are bold.
You will shun my foes, because I am jealous and vengeful.
You will repay your debts, because true strength lies in freedom.

Do the things that please me and my fire will be yours, in this life and the next.

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