Name: Nasir al Khayr
Appearance: Falling firmly in the "lanky" body type category, Nasir's all arms and legs. He usually stands at least a head and a half above his fellow Templar. He keeps his dirty blonde hair cropped close and his beard trimmed and short.
Allegiance: Mars Protectorate
Ratio Modifier: 1

**Mecha: Eir
Mecha Appearance**: The Eir's frame mirrors Nasir's in several ways - namely the limb proportions, which seem even more exaggerated on the machine. In general, however, the Eir's overall design appears more feminine in nature, possibly in homage to its namesake. Each major region is covered in a white chitin plate rimmed with red detailing. The armor surrounding each forearm extends to cover the top of the hand as well, providing built-in "bucklers" and a housing for symbiote swarm stores. A red Chaakan cross adorns the mech's chest and abdomen.

Archetype: Laidback
Role: Caretaker

Fanbase: 1/1
Gar Charge: 0/2
Plot Armor: 3/3
Gar: 2
Power(Mecha) : 3


Medical Training - (Ordinary Trait) : 2 Rank
"Every body serves as the Maker's temple; consider me the Maker's contractor."
Nasir has attended a variety of respectable medical schools, spending a few semesters at each and learning what they can offer. His time with the Templar has specialized his abilities, making him an excellent triage surgeon. While Nasir enjoys his practice, he would much rather be debating scripture and legislation on the steps of Mars' various temples. Idle talk rarely helps as many people as active serivce, however. As a result, he is a common face hovering above many sickbeds hastily laid out in hostile areas.

Grudgingly Trustworthy - (Ordinary Trait) : 1 Rank
"Don't worry, I'm a doctor!/It's okay, I'm a priest."
There is an interesting commonality between the priest's profession and the doctor's trade; they deal with inevitabilities in life - even the awkward ones (/especially/ the awkward ones). Stories that would make stomachs turn or faces scowl do not phase them and they simply move along, looking for a solution as they go. This creates within them a certain trustworthiness. They are people to whom you can speak secrets you would dare tell no other. They are people whom you /yearn/ to tell these secrets to, so that they may help you and empathize and say they understand but do not judge.

Combat Anatomy - (+2 Limit Bonus) : 2 Rank, Effective 4 Rank
"Turn your head and cough."
An interesting side-effect of knowing where to cut to get at a major artery; you know where to cut to get at a major artery. Given the time and opportunity, a competent care giver can just as easily take that care away. Saving a life is difficult. Ending one is not.

Protector's Strength - (Ordinary Trait) : 2 Rank
"No. You move."
Change requires action, and action often necessitates strength. Throughout life Nasir has learned this; sometime the hard way. During his Templar training he focused on physical strength and stamina. While other Templar were more mobile, he was the most immobile. When he chooses a place to stand and defend, he will only be moved lying down.

Defender Symbiote – (Ordinary Trait) : 2 Rank
"With faith as my shield! Well, Faith and a symbiote."
Nasir’s symbiote is often in tow, though one would rarely notice were it not in use. His one symbiote is many; that is to say it is a swarm. Millions of microscopic spores cling to his clothing, skin, and hair. When given a signal, they flit off into the air and bind together in a complex chemical reaction. The resultant is a bowed “shield” floating in midair, imposing itself between Nasir and whatever seeks to harm him. The shape and position of the barrier may change as is required of it.

Feeding Frenzy – (+3 Limit Bonus) : 1 Rank, Effective 4 Rank
I'd suggest closing your eyes for this, but I doubt they'll be there long enough to do so.
In dire straits, especially on the battlefield, particularly gruesome measures are required to survive. The swarm that is known to protect instead turns on its attackers, wrapping about them and necrotizing flesh as it goes. Within the organic riches it self-replicates. A few frenetic, agonizing moments later nothing remains but a hollowed out skeleton and a much, much larger swarm of symbiote. Nasir… does not prefer to make frequent use of this particular talent.

Theologian – (Ordinary trait) : 1 Rank
Chaaka is my guide, my life, my love, and my destination. It’s also extremely interesting; did you know that the third translation of the eighty-sixth passage originally…
One cannot follow instructions one does not understand. The path to perfection lies in total comprehension. Nasir is not so foolish to think that there is a stated ruling on every moral case in the universe contained in his holy texts. He is most definitely confident, however, that there is a mindset and guideline for every case. He seeks to find these nuances of thought through scholarly endeavors. This habit has left him with a somewhat comprehensive knowledge of various scriptures, texts, and schools of thought, all of which serve him well in academic or theological circles.

Medic’s Mist Genoset – (+2 Limit Bonus) : 2 Rank, Effective 4 Rank
Pithy quote here.
By bringing one's supplies with them, one eliminates the risk of not having them on-hand in a time of emergency. By biologically producing one's own supplies, one never need endure being without them again. Nasir's chosen genoset has given his body the capacity to produce a variety of chemicals that, when inhaled or absorbed through the skin, provide some medical benefit - the most common variant being anaesthetic. The amount of chemical required to have a measurable effect on a patient coupled with the limited production capacity of Nasir's genoset means a notable downtime between administrations.

Rifle Shield - (Ordinary Trait) : 1 Rank
"Me? Compensating? Pff…"
A handmade, Martian-born shield half-crafted and half-grown from the finest metals and chitin the little red planet has to offer. It's very nearly as tall as Nasir and reminiscent of tower shields of old. Along its surface lies an inlaid Chaakan cross-and-cirle, pockmarked from use but lovingly polished. Where Nasir's symbiotes fail, his shield often prevails.

Shield Rifle - (Ordinary Trait) : 1 Rank
"Needs moar Chaaka."
Just below the downward-facing point of the Chaakan cross a small outcropping pokes its way a little farther out. Within rests a full-blown military issue Martian range rifle. Relying on a variant of gauss technology, the weapon is capable of firing in the total vacuum of space or the murky depths of a sea. Nasir's accuracy isn't terribly better or worse than any other Martian marksman - that is, any other marksman using a weapon that /isn't/ built into a massive body shield, lacking sights, and completely imbalanced for leveled firing.

Immovable Object, meet Unstoppable Force – (Ordinary Trait) : 2 Rank

Created and bred on Martian soil, Nasir al Khayr was born to an affluent household. Nasir's parents were proof that opposites attract - fiercely at times - as his mother was a vehement and devout Martian Templar, while his father served as a nurse at the hospital near their home. There was love in abundance as he grew up, and the house was only quiet of debate when empty. Growing up in such chaos, Nasir naturally tended toward moderation and balance. He joined the Templar to seek and create this balance. His younger brother would follow suit a few years later, but not for peace - rather to begin his own personal crusade as their mother had urged them both to do.

First Appearance: Episode 2

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