Natasha Severin

Name: Natasha Severin
Association: United Nations, Phalanx Troopers
Party: UNFCr Ainalhai

Twenty-seven years old and not particularly showing her age, Natasha Severin is a Lieutenant with the Phalanx Troopers, in command of Team Fire Eagle. After winning a series of mock battles on the surface of Bastion, The Six chose them over the Myrmidon Marines and Mantis Operatives to be part of their crew.

Of average height and athletic build, the only things that distinguish her from the rest of her crew is her officer's cap, her aviator shades and her blonde ponytail. The rest of the Fire Eagles have buzz cuts, so the pony tail alone makes her easy to identify.

Seems to get along with Aina, Templar and Paladin, but is rather uncomfortable with the charismatic Aether's advances.

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