New Tyranids

Mycetic Beacon brood- Fast Attack, 50 points

Spore Mind WS - Bs - S 1 T 4 W 3 I 1 A - Ld 10
Spore Mine WS - Bs - S 1 T 1 W 1 I 1 A - Ld 1

1 Spore Mind and 3+ Spore Mines
Unit Type:
Weapons and Biomorphs:
Spore Mine

Special Rules:
Instinctive Behaviour- Feed (Spore Mind only)
Living Bomb
Mycetic Beacon (Spore Mind only)
Synaptic Node (Spore Mind only)
Deep Strike

Buy up to three more Spore Mines: 10 points per model.

Synaptic Node: As long as the Spore Mind is in Synapse, it has Synapse itself.
Mycetic Beacon: As long as the Spore Mind has synapse, it and all Spore Mines within 6” do not have to move as normal for Living Bomb. Instead, they may move up to 6” in any direction they wish. They are still otherwise subject to Living Bomb rules, and may not run or assault.

Virago- 70 points, HQ
Of all the manifold creatures created by the Tyranids, the most ferocious is also amongst the smallest:designed as a substitute for larger, more refined synaptic beasts, the Virago is able to blend into broods of gaunts, both sheltering it and giving the swarm a constant synaptic presence. Too small to reliably serve as a messenger of the will of the Hive Mind, the Virago instead stimulates the synaptic nodes of nearby tyranids to share its own overwhelming and relentless fury: a carefully calculated gambit by the Hive Mind.

Virago Ws 3 Bs 3 S 3 T 3 W 3 I 5 A 3 Ld 10 Sv 6++

Weapons and Biomorphs: Chitin, Scything Talons (two sets), Adrenal Glands
Special Rules: Independant Character, Psyker, Synapse, Shadow in the Warp, Fleet, Move Through Cover, Rage, Furious Charge

Leaping Bound- Whenever the Virago runs, roll three dice and choose the highest, as with a Hormagaunt.

Frenzied Attack- The Virago always hits and is always hit on 3+, regardless of weapon skills. As long as the Virago is in base-to-base contact with an enemy, it has the Feel No Pain universal special rule, and any brood it has joined counts as having assault grenades as detailed in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook.

Outrage- Any non-synapse Tyranid broods within synapse range of the Virago find their synaptic nodes uttely overwhelmed by the Virago's titanic anger, supressing synaptic connections and base instinct alike.
Broods within Synapse range of the Virago and no other Synapse model must take a leadership test at the beginning of each turn; if they succeed, they may act as normal, but if they fail, they fall under Outrage.
Outraged broods must move as fast as possible towards the enemy unit nearest to the Virago; they may not shoot or go to ground, and must run if possible. Outraged broods also gain +1 Ws, the Move Through Cover universal special rule, and are immune to pinning.

The Virago may take any of the following:

* Toxin Sacs- 15 points;
* Acid Blood- 10 points;
* Implant Attack- 10 points

The Virago may take one of the following biomorphs:

* Reinforced Chitin- 10 points; 5+ save.
* Hardened Carapace- 20 points; 4+ save.

May replace one set of Scything Talons with Rending Claws for 5 points.

Special Rule:
FFFFFFFFF- While on the internet, the Virago falls for every trolling attempt and participates in every flamewar, likely destroying the keyboard. Should it ever visit 4chan, the synaptic backlash is great enough that every Tyranid model within 24" must take a leadership test or lose a wound with no saves possible; if it visits /b/ or /tg/, every model within 48" must also take a leadership test or lose a wound with no saves possible (thus, Tyranids within 24" must test twice).

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