File established by: Samantha Z, Major

Real Name: Unknown
Nickname: Nine
Gender: Female
Mutations: Hyper-regeneration, superstrength
Personality: Vicious, feral, aggressive
Appearance: Over six feet tall, possibly close to seven. Body type described as "hulking" by witnesses. Face often locked in a snarl, tends to bare teeth. Long blonde hair usually in a single braid. Usually unclothed, but has thick, black hair covering most of the body below the neck except for hands and feet.
Distinguishing Marks: <You do not have the clearance for this>
Known Associates: Seven, Eight, <You do not have the clearance for this>

Criminal Record: Over 100 confirmed murders of Control personnel, theft of Control and corporate property, attempting to enter a Red Zone without clearance, theft of civilian property, attempting to enter a Green Zone without clearance, anti-Control sabotage.

Officer's Note: If you see her, shoot to kill. It probably won't succeed, but if you can take off her legs you might buy yourself enough time to run away.

Contact Intel

Heero, mercenary: "Alright, keep this one quiet: But I've worked for Nine before. Sort of. Or at least one of the other numbers, Seven. She's not as bad as what they say about Nine, nice lady, keeps her promises, creepy smile, told us to keep the violence low, which was fine with us. You see, we were hitting Control, and Control gets pissy if you frag any of them. What they wanted? Just some info on patrol routes near one of the Geo-plants, don't ask me why, but we heard there'd been a gunfight there a couple of weeks later. Four ladies trying to make their way into one of the plants at Blue level, their disguises got busted and the firing started. None of the four died, some Control casualties, not a happy time.

That's all I'm saying about that, I don't need that bulldog Samantha sending her troopers or her pet Convictor up my ass if she hears about it and finds proof.

Of course I know Samantha, you think Control doesn't need mercs once in a while? Now pay up, you owe me a bunch of drinks for this one."

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