Old Skull

Varney, scrap trader: "Old Skull? Sure, you don't meet Skullers more than a couple of times without hearing about that guy, but no one's ever met him. I hear Control's got a million-cred bounty on him."

Heero, mercenary: "Me and some others tried to collect on that bounty once, fat load of good it did us. Every trail we picked up died out in the zone around the 25C Plant. We could've done a systematic search, but the place is crawling with Skullers, go below Yellow and they OWN the place."

Montaz, ex-Control officer: "I'm not even sure he's real, maybe he's their God or something, you know those bastards are crazy enough for it. I've seen some weird shit near 25C, though. You know those Hollow Men they talk about? They're real. Like fucking zombies or something. They just stand there, watching, completely dead, blank. Some of them look like they were Skullers once, others don't. And you only need to see those once to decide that the bounty on Old Skull isn't worth ending up like that."

XJ-777, hacker and total dork: "You sure he's not just a prank or something they thought up? Skullers have crazy streaks of brilliance sometimes, under the bone-headed savagery."

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