Location Type: Non-Corporeal, Information-Based
Groups Present: Nerds, Control, secretive groups

The Omniweb is the eventual "replacement" for the Internet within the confines of the Urban, it's essentially the same except that there's now an even larger percentage of the population who do nothing but spend most of their day jacked in, making a living through information-hunting, illegal services and the occasional bit of electronic theft. There's also a small pack of professional gamers within this crowd, in particular the Cyber-SLAM! circuit has highly profitable upper-end matches.

Despite any predictions, most work on the Omniweb still happens through screens, not VR(that's largely just for gaming), though the screens HAVE gotten pretty huge and impressive, and there's been an inexplicable surge in screensavers based on constantly scrolling, randomized green or blue text.

It's also a festering breeding ground for rumours about everything from the Convictors to the Rapture.

Excerpt from 777Gr1mR34p3rz blog:

"I fkn told you guys, I saw an angel today! I was taking a walk in the Green to get to my local Spire Mart(I heard they'd broken street date on the latest WWII game, the one where you play as a Greek Cyborg fighting in the Italian campaign! Super-sweet graphics, I'll blog about it later, don't read that if you don't want to hear the twist at the end!), when I saw him. He was just chilling on a ledge, my X-Senz eye picked him up at something like 100 meters above surface-level, no way he'd just climbed there. The moment I spotted him, he looked down at me, and then he was gone in a flash of light, but when I replayed the footage back home, you could totally see his wings, check out the attachment.

So anyway, I talked to the girl at the counter and I bet she totally likes me-" Remainder of excerpt cut for brevity.

Attachment: NotShoppedGuys.jpg

[The attachment shows a crouched figure on a ledge that's clearly part of the way up one of the Green's taller spires, it's humanoid but has a pair of massive wings apparently composed of pure light sprouting from its back. Or at least a pair of glowing appendages that could be wing-like, there's no suggestion of bone structure, feathers or other things traditionally associated with wings.]

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