Only War

Maus' Rolling Thunder Campaign (Only War)

Insignia of the Kerenevoi 210th Mechanized


We got a Chimera filled with guns and crazies. Roll in the Emprah's name!


As per the rules, current squad exp on #mausmasuooc. Remember to include the errata, it alters the exp costs of pretty much everything

Current Cost of Advances (Mod 7)
Characteristic Advances
Apt Matches Simple Intermediate Trained Expert
2 100 250 500 750
1 250 500 750 1000
0 500 750 1000 2500
Skill Advances
Apt Matches Known Trained Experienced Veteran
2 100 200 300 400
1 200 400 600 800
0 300 600 900 1200
Talent Advances
Apt Matches Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
2 200 300 400
1 300 450 600
0 600 900 1200

Regiment: Kerenevoi 210th Mechanized

Favored Weapons

Basic Boltgun
heavy Autocannon

Regimental Bonuses

Kerenevoi 210th Mechanized
Name Characteristic Skill Talent Aptitude
Imperial World +3 wil, +3 other C.L. (Imperium, Imperial Creed) Hatred (Mutants)
Imperial World Linguistics (High Gothic)
Circumspect Officer Foresight
Mech Infantry +3 agi, -3 Per Operate (surface) Rapid Reload
Field Expedience (custom) Tech-Use
Well Provisioned +10 logistics on fuel, parts

Note: Field Expedience is a custom regimental doctrine. Troopers are unusually (some say heretically) capable of basic maintenance.

(K) Kerenevoi Manufacture

TO&E, Standard Regimental Kit (TO&E-STK) *
Auto Gun + 4 Magazines (K)
Autopistol (swap)
Photovisors (K)
Guard Flak Armor
+2 magazines for PC's primary weapon
1 Month's Rations
3 Frag Grenades
3 Krak Grenades
2 Smoke Grenades
1 Comm Bead

* One of these items (including your PCs specialty gear) is increased to Best quality, your choice.

Squad Chimera

Type: Tracked Vehicle.
Tactical Speed: 15m ((15 meters) / (5 seconds) = 10.8 kph)
Cruising Speed: 70kph
Structural Integrity: 35,
Armor:** Front 30, Side 22, Rear 16
Vehicle Traits: Amphibious, Enclosed, Rugged, Tracked Vehicle
Crew: 1 Commander (Turret), 1 Driver, 1 Gunner (Hull Weapon)
Carrying Capacity: 12 Imperial Guardsmen plus wargear

Name Class Range RoF Dam Pen Mag Rld Special Ammo
Auto-cannon Turret 300m S/3/- 3d10+8 I 6 40 2 Full Reliable 40
Heavy Bolter Front Hull 150m -/-/6 1d10+8 X 4 60 Full Tearing 60


Sergeant Flynn "Sarge" Taggart - the squad's leader, Emperor help him…
Mac the Ratling - Sharpshooter, chef, scout, pest, and regimental mascot
Dolph Macallum - Drop trooper recycled from a decimated regiment into the 210th, Dolph differs from most of his former comrades in that he was not turned into corpse starch first.
Bear. The psyker.
Dasnig Klithe - Driving or running, he'll get there. Your getting there too is just a secondary concern.

Additional Rules and Equipment


>Close Quarters (CQ)
Some firearms and ranged weapons are designed with a keen eye towards surviving close engagements with the enemy. A firearm with close quarters quality offers a point blank range of 5 meters, not 2. Furthermore, Ballistic tests made to hit a target when engaged in melee are Difficult (-10). As a reminder, the Engaged in Melee Circumstance takes priority over Point Blank Range.

>Suppressed (I)

The RAW scatter is suboptimal within the confines of a standard guard engagement. Even within the labyrinth of a trench network or a stairtown slum, 2 meters is practically nothing. Therefore, when scatter ammunition is utilized against a foe within short range, every 2 degrees of success the firer scores indicates another hit. However, at ranges which exceed optimal (range x 1), all armor points are doubled.

This buff will be inspected as we continue with the campaign. The largest worry at this exact moment will be how the shotgun buff affects /melee weapons/, though those were already suboptimal under the current paradigm.

Shipments of Kerenevoian goods are, of course, irregular due to supply-side issues and the distance complications between Kerenevoi and her daughter regiments. While the most common of goods are fairly abundant, replacements and spare parts of more complicated devices is suspect. For now, this has no mechanical effect.

Name Class Range RoF Dam Pen Mag Rld Special Weight Availability
Section Autorifle Basic 120m -/4/8 1d10+4 I 2 90 Full Ban: Quick-Release 10 kg Very Rare
Bullpup Autogun, Kerenevoian Basic 80m S/3/6 1d10+3 I 0 30 Full CQ 4.5kg Scarce
AutoCarbine Basic 75m S/2/5 1d10+3 I 0 32 Half Accurate 3.5kg Average
Storm Rifle (Trench Stubber) Basic 40m S/4/8 1d10+1 I 0 64 2 Full CQ, Suppressed (I) 2.5kg Scarce
Mac's Kneecapper Pistol 30m S/2/- 2d5+2 I 0 13 Full Felling (2), Reliable, RF 5s, Swanky 1.75 kg Extremely Rare
Bullpup Lasgun, Mars Basic 80m S/2/- 1d10+3 E 0 60 Full Reliable, CQ 4.5kg Average
Lascarbine Basic 75m S/2/- 1d10+3 E 0 64 Half Reliable, Accurate 2.5kg Common
Rolling Block Shotgun(UNB) Basic 30m S/-/- 2d10+2 I 0 1 Full Scatter#, Accurate, Ban: Quick-Release 6kg Rare
Sawed off Break Action Basic 15m* S/2/- 2d10+2 I 0 2 Full Scatter#, Reliable, Compact 2.5kg Plentiful
Pump Shotgun Basic 30m S/-/- 2d10+2 I 0 8 2 Full Scatter#, Reliable 5 kg Average
Combat Shotgun Basic 30m S/3/- 2d10+2 I 0 12 Full Scatter# 5 kg Scarce
OPFOR Plasma Rifle Basic 90 S/-/3 1d10+3 I 2 24 Full Tearing, Lance(1) 4.5kg Unique
5+1 mags

*Compact modifier included
#Scatter has been altered.


Storm Rifle (Trench Stubber)

While the shotgun holds sway among close quarters enthusiasts, its cousin, the Storm Rifle is designed to put a payload anywhere in a city fight while maintaining a small package. In this Sector, the Storm Rifle is fed lightweight pistol ammunition stored in a forearm mounted helical magazine and comes with a proprietary suppressor and snap-on mounting system. Special ammunition or procedures are unnecessary, since the suppressor is designed to regulate standard ammunition to the correct velocity before it exits the system. Specialty ammunition can improve the suppressor's effectiveness.

As a mechanical note, when the suppressor is mounted, the Storm Rifle loses the Close Quarters Quality. Mounting and removal of the suppressor requires a full action.

(Helical not shown)

Kerenevoian SP Bullpup

(Terrible Artist's Depiction, apply liberal sunshine juice)

(F1 for reference)

Light Section Autocannon

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