Party Crasher


Clearance Gamma/Dominion

Attention, members of Task Force Charon, a new x-threat has surfaced and you have been chosen to deal with it.

We have come to understand that an Oversight agent by name of Markus Volt has come into the possession of illegal and highly dangerous alien technology, origins unknown, and is planning to sell it to the highest bidder. While we have been unable to locate Markus himself, we have been able to find out where the deal will be taking place: The Venusian Aerostat known as Parvati.

Your mission will be to infiltrate Parvati as covertly as possible, find out where the deal is occurring and prevent it from happening. Capture of x-threat technology is preferrable, destruction is acceptable. The same goes for Markus.

Note that our sources indicate Markus may have assembled some of the designs he is in possession of, one or more of them may have direct weapons applications, treat him as highly dangerous.

Hades out.

Info Gathered

Saburou Alborz: Parvati resident, apparently in charge of funnelling people to the auction. The codeword he's waiting for is "Snapdragon." Charles Klogg pointed the party towards this gentleman.

Norman Steiner: Rich, sleazy, chubby. Currently visiting Parvati, Starware exec, throwing a lot of money around. Has been hitting on Min/Ring.

Jovians: Ugly dudes in unaugmented Flats, present in surprising numbers on Parvati(more than zero would be surprising, in this case).

Markus Volt: In possession of alien technology determined by Ozma to be a potential x-threat, orders are to capture or eliminate. Currently believed to be sleeved in a young, dark-haired Splicer and to be keeping his important things in an old-school briefcase that could be right out of the 21st-century.

Common Goal: Klayman and Min found themselves contacted by someone anonymous over the Mesh, suggesting that they had a shared goal and that they should meet before the auction to avoid tripping each other up. They were provided with a time and location, a couple of days before the time was out and a private meeting room deep inside Parvati.

Mission Synopsis

Charon infiltrated Parvati by a number of different routes and eventually managed to stop Volt before the auction, relieving him of his x-threat technology, his life and his cortical stack, in roughly that order. While attempting to make their escape, they were harassed by local synths hijacked by Hanlon who also attempted to kill Charon before they could make their escape. Dutifully they denied his offers of free passage in return for the technology and escaped with full secrecy intact.

Hanlon is still at large and the damage to Parvati is largely superficial as the synths largely avoided harming anyone unarmed. Information also suggests that one surviving Jovian now has a grudge against Lowell.

Task Force immediately redirected to Mars for a potentially dangerous situation.

Final Assessment

Mission Performance: Excellent
Mission Reward: 10k Credits per member, 20 O-Rep per member, 15 Rez Points per member

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