Wild Hunt


Clearance Beta/Throne

Task Force Charon, you are being redirected immediately for important operations on Mars. A science student at the university of Valles New-Shanghai has recently undergone a rapid personality shift and disappeared, analysis agrees that the rapid changes and obsessions are consistent with Basilisk Hack influence.

If there are human agencies employing Basilisk Hacks on Mars, we will need to locate and deal with them. If there are TITAN Basilisk Hacks in circulation, we will need to shut them down and investigate their wider plan. Step one will be to locate the missing scientist.

At the moment we have conducted no further investigatory steps in order to avoid drawing attention, treating it as a simple missing persons' case and tangling the local law enforcement in bureaucracy. You will have the clearance necessary to investigate the disappearance of Manami Kobayashi, track her down, identify the source of her odd behavior and, if possible, stop it.

Hades out.

Important Information

Manami Kobayashi: Researcher at Valles New-Shanghai University, friends report a sudden and intense obsession with an XP beginning approximately a month ago, then sudden disappearance. Details of the XP are unknown. Sleeved in a non-descript, Asian splicer with a black ponytail and neat little glasses that are more for looks than because her vision actually needs correcting. Has minor surgical skills, no known combat skills and a detailed knowledge of anything related to the Mesh.

Patya Kirill: Manami was searching for him in Noctis-Qianjao.

Jonah Swimes: Creepbag extraordinaire from Valles U, self-diagnosed with Asperger's.

George, Jeff and the Octodorks: Octomorph roleplayers and LARP'ers, fans of Oceans & Orcas. Unsuccesful at getting Manami to regularly attend their sessions.

Mission Synopsis

After conducting investigations in Noctis-Qianjao and Valles-New Shanghai, Task Force Charon picked up the trail of Manami Kobayashi and tracked her down near the TQZ, there they discovered [REDACTED INFORMATION. CLEARANCE ALPHA/SERAPHIM]. The infectee was turned over to Ozma for examination and was found to be clear of TITAN infection, non-standard neural patterns were not the result of any known form of Basilisk Hack.

At the request of Operative Klayman, the only thing removed via psychosurgery was her time at our medical facility.

The mercenary, Dominion, was destroyed during the mission but managed to transmit her backup to safety via an emergency farcaster. She may be a problem in the future.

Final Assessment

Mission Performance: Acceptable
Mission Reward: 7,500 Credits per operative, 5 rez per operative.

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