Name: Oresta Typhon
Gender: Female
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 17 Years
Faction: The Bleak Cabal(Bleakers)
Concept: Optimistic, helpful, gullible tomboy with a soft spot for the downtrodden.
Appearance: Oresta is blonde, ponytailed, gray-eyed and almost six feet tall. Athletic but not bulgingly muscular, she usually wears a sleeveless gray shirt, baggy gray trousers that end well above her ankles and a pair of gray sandals.


(Total: 170)

Body: 7(70 points), +6(Superstrength)
Mind: 3(30 points)
Soul: 7(70 points)


(Total: 155, 2 Unspent)

Armor: Level 4(8 points)
Aura of Inspiration, Soul: Level 4(16 points)
Combat Technique, Brutal: Level 2(4 points)(Unarmed Attacks are Weapon Level 2)
Combat Technique, Leap Attack/Diving Attack: Level 1(2 points)
Defense Combat Mastery: Level 1(10 points)
Healing: Level 2(8 points)
Flight: Level 2(16 points)
Melee Attack, Unarmed: Level 5(15 points)
Skill, Cleaning: Level 3(3 points)(Specialties: Mopping)
Skill, Climbing: Level 3(6 points)(Specialties: Walls)
Skill, Cooking: Level 3(3 points)(Specialties: Soup)
Skill, Medical: Level 5(10 points)(Specialties: Soothing Pain)
Skill, Performing Arts: Level 6(Specialties: Accordion, Singing, Bagpipes)
Superstrength: Level 3(24 points)
Tough: Level 2(4 points)
Weapon, Hug Therapy: Level 4(Stun, Irritant: 3, Continuing: 3)(15 points spent) It's difficult to move with Oresta latched on, and as long as she's attached, she's going to keep clamping down till they keel over, KO'ed.
Weapon, Piledriver of Hearts: Level 3(Stun)(7 point spent)(Halved cost to 4 because Hug Therapy is the most expensive weapon.)
Weapon, Piledriver Shockwave: Level 3(Stun, Linked: Piledriver of Hearts, Quake: 1, Area: 3)(12 points spent)(Halved cost to 6 because Hug Therapy is the most expensive weapon.)


(-7 points)

Easily Distracted, People in Need (-3 points)
Nemesis, Pandemonium-Tan (-2 points)
Significant Other, Sami/Guvner-tan (-2 points)

Derived Values

Base Combat Value: 5
Attack Combat Value: 5
Attack Combat Value(Unarmed): 10

Defense Combat Value: 6
Armor(Armour): 8

Damage Multiplier: 5
Damage Multiplier(Strength): 8

Health Points: (Body + Soul) * 5 = 65, 65 + 10 = 75
Energy Points: 40

Attack = (2d6 + Attack Combat Value) vs (2d6 + Defense Combat Value + Shields)
Damage = ((Multiplier * Level)+Attack Combat Value) - Armor
Damage(Unarmed): 26
Damage(Hug Therapy): 42
Damage(Piledriver of Love): 34
Damage(Piledriver Shockwave): 34
Damage(Piledriver + Shockwave): 68


<PurpleXVI> Oresta with her flawless, perfect skin, her mixed heritage(she's half Yugoloth, BUT A GOOD YUGOLOTH, and half Aasimar, BUT AN EVIL AASIMAR) and I know I don't describe them often, but I hope you guys remember that her eyes change colour all the time. She also has green hair.

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