Ozma Operative Combat Guide

Combat Instructions for New Operatives

Speed is Your Highest Priority

(Intuition + Reflexes) * 2 = Initiative Stat

Initiative Roll = Initiative Stat + Misc. Modifiers(Combat drugs, implants, etc.) + 1d100

Highest roll goes first, and so on.

If you have more than one action per round, first everyone resolves their first action, in Init order. Then everyone who has a second action resolves those, in Init order. Then third actions, in Init order. And finally fourth actions, if they exist.

Initiative is rolled once per encounter, for sake of simplification.

Hit Them Hard

Melee Offense: Appropriate Attack skill, roll-under
Melee Defense: Fray(dodging), Weapon Skill(Blocking)

Ranged Offense: Appropriate Attack skill, roll-under
Ranged Defense: Fray/2

Full Defense: Sacrifice your turn completely, gain +30 to your Fray rolls. Free Running or other movement skills may be used, if reasonable, in place of Fray.

Psi Defense: WIL * 2

Margin of Success: How much you roll UNDER your attack or defense skill.

MoS of 30+ on Offense: +5 Damage
MoS of 60+ on Offense: +10 Damage
Critical Success on Offense: Armor Ignored

Critical Success: 11, 22, 33, etc. if it ALSO goes under your target number.
Critical Failure: 99

Surviving a Hit

Armor subtracts directly from damage.
Armor penetration subtracts directly from the defender's armor.

Biomorphs and Synthmorphs are both KO'd when they have received damage equal to their Durability(DUR).
Biomorphs kick the bucket when they receive damage equal to 1.5x their DUR
Synthmorphs hang in there until 2x their DUR.

Each time you are dealt damage above your Wound Threshold(WT) you suffer a Wound. Every Wound applies a cumulative -10 to all actions until healed.

Fancy Tricks

Page 193 of the EP book holds all the info you need on defensive tricks.

Aiming: +10 to your attack stat
Full Aim(puts you last in init, receiving only one action and well after everyone else): +30 to your attack stat
Called Shot: -10 to hit, if MoS is less than 30, the hit is normal. If MoS is 30+, armor is ignored.

Sweeping Fire: If making two or more semi-auto attacks with a Beam weapon, and one misses, the next attack gets a +10
Concentrated Fire: In a similar situation, if the first attack HITS, any subsequent attacks may be sacrificed for a 1.5x multiplier to the first attack's damage.

Charging: Melee attacks only, -10 to hit, +1d10 to damage
Hitting a Charging Opponent: +20 to hit

Know Your Tools

Single Shot(SS) Fire: One shot per action
Semi-Automatic(SA) Fire: Two shots per action
Burst Fire(BF): Two bursts per action, each burst can hit two targets close to each other(no modifier) or be focused on one target(+1d10 damage). One burst uses three shots worth of ammo.
Full Auto(FA): One attack per action, attack may be concentrated on one target(+1d10+10 damage) or swept across up to three(no modifier). One Full Auto attack uses ten shots worth of ammo.
Suppressive Fire: A weapon with the FA option may instead be used for Suppressive Fire, hosing down a large area, expending 20 shots and the rest of their turn. Anyone who does not take cover within this area has a free attack made against them by the suppressor. Defenses apply as normal.

Shock Weapons(Stunning, Tazing, etc.): Current DUR + Energy Armor check. Failure results in one turn of incapacitation for every 10 points they miss the check by.

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