Paladin Team

The Paladin Team is the basic organization of a EuroCorp cyborg strike squad. They usually number three to five cyborgs, and may have attached non-cyborg specialists, as well as often having tactical officers standing by back at command central, unless radio silence is required. The leader of any active Paladin team is always codenamed Paladin. While wielding considerable authority over Class B and lower citizens, they are ultimately EuroCorp property.

Paladin Team Alpha(Dissolved)
Airburst(Formerly Paladin), Crippled.
Myrmidon, Alive.
Tarantula, Deceased.
Phalanx, Alive.

Paladin Team Beta(Active)
Paladin, Alive.
Ghost, Alive.
Aether, Alive.
Mercurial, Alive.
Zombie, Alive.

Paladin Team Gamma(Active)

Mantis, Alive.

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