Pandora Raffle

Pandora Raffle

Greetings, [sentient of human heritage]! You've entered the Pandora Raffle and, against all probability, you've won! This guarantees you and a team of lucky co-sentients exclusive rights* to a Pandora Gate address for up to three years! Please, make your selection from the list below. Remember, all choices are final!


Every raffle-winner needs a sponsor to pay for their initial equipment and setup.

Scum Connection

Ideology is a ruse, it's all about getting paid and having some fun. Why let those prissy political fucks get in the way?

Benefits: Easy access to contraband, slaves, infugees, drugs. Scum Connection will happily buy dangerous items, knowledge, life forms and resources that other sponsors might insist on burning or leaving alone.
Limitations: Will expect to be able to use the site for storing contraband, making contraband deals and sleeping off hangovers. May prompt retaliatory raids from other factions.

Secondary Contract

Secondary contracts are optional. As long as the conditions aren't violated, the colony will receive extra resources and equipment.

Argonaut Principles

Objective: Knowledge wants to be free, knowledge must be free. Freely release all scientific, survey and scouting data created by the colony. As long as the party releases all research free of charge to the Argonauts and other interested parties, they will receive an extra 2GP per check-in.


Sorting method: RANDOM.

All sites have been subject to a rigorous 60-second scouting to ensure that you will not be consumed by e.g. the raging heart of a sun, the event horizon of a black hole or a storm of hard radiation immediately upon arrival.


Atmosphere: Human-breathable
Mean Temperature: 21C(Day)/5C(Night)
Gravity: 1.0G
Notes: Orbits an M-Class star, advanced life, gravitational oddities.
Visual Feed: Columns of stacked stone surround a bowl-shaped depression in the ground, dark-green alien plantlife throngs the edges of the bowl, but nothing grows past the rim of the bowl and nearer the Pandora Gate.
Audio Feed: Clicking and buzzing of plentiful insectoid life.


Use the point-buy mechanics on page 47 of the EP2 core book. Starting gear details remain to be worked out, but go ahead and pick one of the standard gear packages to get started.

Morph points are a non-standard 12 MP to allow people to shop up some spare sleeves pre-game start since there won't be easy access to fresh sleeves otherwise.

If anyone wants a non-standard morph, i.e. something that was statted for EP1(like the Whiplash, Scurrier or Takko), let me know and I'll see about getting it statted for this.

The party receives a shared pool of 20 gear points at chargen for buying shared equipment with. Shared equipment the party will always start with: 1x Ego Bridge, 6x Morph Storage Unit.

Resource Points are generated by discovering commercially viable resource deposits or by exploiting them for a stock of raw material.
Discoveries are collections of XP's and theses based on novel data from Splinter.

Resource and Discoveries can be traded with partners on the Sol side of the gate(or other visitors), but Resource points can also be fed directly into local fabricators on a 1-to-1 exchange for Gear Points. Some partners may care more about some points than others(i.e. Skinaesthesia might well pay for biology-related Discoveries at a 4:1 rate since it's in their wheelhouse, while Experia might similarly give good rates on a hair-raising XP involving terrifying xenofauna or exoplanet gun battles). Trading partners usually also cough up some rep if you choose to do business with them, especially if you do so at less favourable rates.

Every 14 days, local time, Sol will check in on the status of the colony, allowing a brief window for swapping data/communications and, if anything is requested transferred in either direction, to permit said transfer. If the team misses four consecutive checkins, they will be considered lost in action until such time as contact is re-established and regular checkins will cease.

House Rules

Skill-totals are uncapped, and opposed rolls are resolved via margin of success, i.e. Stat-D100 to determine how well you do. A roll of 00 will always be a failure, but having skill+aptitude totals over 100 provides the ability to more easily soak up challenging circumstances and modifiers, as well as more easily winning opposed rolls.

Anything that increases your skill total over the core cap of 80, only increases it by half as much as it normally would.

The Resources trait yields GP equal to its value at chargen, and then equal to half its value(rounded down) whenever Sol checks in.

Rare items have a base cost of 5 GP.

Restricted items have an additional cost of 30 Rep with any faction that can provide them(Argonauts, for instance, may not have access to Hard Suits or nuclear weapons.).

Flex does not convey the narrative ability to add things to scenes/NPC's, instead it's just able to sub in for Insight, Moxie and Vigor as needed/desired.

Superior Success is a moron term. For every 30 points of Margin of Success, you can count it as one of the Superior Success modifiers(page 31) and they can stack if you get multiple. If you also get a Critical Success(XX result), the effects stack rather than overriding.

Infomorphs that fork themselves may choose to copy their Infomorph sleeve and ware as well. This only counts for alpha forks, not betas. Infomorphs cannot merge with alpha forks which are differently sleeved.

Copylock's only function is that you are hard to copy without consent, it doesn't suddenly stop you being a PC because the writers are idiots.

One TacNet can be shared among the entire party, but if the morph with the TacNet is killed or disabled, it goes down for everyone.

Major Favors regenerate every 28 in-game days.

As long as the team is at their designated Home Base(tm), they can spend Rez.

Rez can be spent at a maximum rate of 1 Rez/day.

Overland Travel

Three hexes/day on foot.

Six hexes/day driving assuming all terrain crossed is roads, plains, tundra or desert.

Nine hexes/day flying assuming there's a suitable landing area at the end destination.

Jungles and mountains halve(round up) all travel speeds.

Comments from Nerds

Custom Morphs

Daitya(10 MP)

Like the Power Loader from Aliens fucked a Space Marine, fundamentally more durable than almost any other morph, but not as heavily armoured as some. It's like a Dwarf that you're meant to sleeve into.

DUR: 100
WT: 20
DR: 200
Armor: 20/20

Insight: 0
Moxie: 0
Vigor: 3
Flex: 1

Non-Standard Ware: Disassembly Tools
Special Traits: Large(-10 to Infiltrate, +1d10 damage with Melee, +10 SOM when doing something strength-related, double damage when ramming, can wield two-handed weapons in one hand)

Fenrir(15 MP)

A quadrapedal heavy combat morph with multiple turreted slots for weapons. Transhumanity's equivalent of a Main Battle Tank. If a Fenrir shows up, either the cavalry's arrived or it's time to run away.

DUR: 80
WT: 16
DR: 160
Armor: 32/32

Insight: 1
Moxie: 0
Vigor: 5
Flex: 1

Non-Standard Ware: Articulated Weapon Mount(5), Lidar, Radar, Ego Sharing(5)
Special Traits: Very Large(-30 to Infiltrate, +2d10 damage with Melee, +30 SOM when doing something strength-related, triple damage when ramming, can wield two-handed weapons in one hand), Quadrapedal

Kraken(12 MP)

A super-sized version of the Takko. Due to its massive weight, while on land it's forced to slither along on its tentacles, but it can manage a terrifying turn of speed in water and is highly mobile in zero gravity.

DUR: 100
WT: 20
DR: 200
Armor: 20/20

Insight: 0
Moxie: 0
Vigor: 3
Flex: 1

Non-Standard Ware: Disassembly Tools, Mobility System: Ionic(Underwater Only), Mobility System: Thrust Vector(Micro/Zero-G only, vacuum-capable).
Special Traits: Very Large(-30 to Infiltrate, +2d10 damage with Melee, +30 SOM when doing something strength-related, triple damage when ramming, can wield two-handed weapons in one hand), Octopedal(four free limbs are required for movement, but all limbs may be used as arms if immobile or extra movement systems are installed),


The Synthmorph version of being a Neo-Octopus, unless otherwise noted it has the same attributes as a Neo-Octopus morph but with basic Synth ware.

Insight: 1
Moxie: 1
Vigor: 2
Flex: 2

All Ware, Traits, Morphology, etc. as Neo-Octopus EXCEPT add "Armor: 6/4"

Custom Gear

Two-use Blueprints cost the same as the original item.

Five-use Blueprints cost the same as three of the original item.

Ten-use Blueprints cost the same as five of the original item.

Infinite-use Blueprints are generally only supplied by anarchists/argonauts.

Acquiring open-source, infinite-use blueprints uses the following formula: A Research test to find a decent-quality blueprint with no flaws(+10 for Minor, no modifier for Moderate, -10 for Major, -30 for Rare). If the test is failed, the blueprint is still acquired, but something's off about it. A successful hardware or knowledge test relevant to the BP will hint at what's off(and can be made by someone other than the original Researcher), but in many cases it won't be obvious until the item is actually fabricated. The flaws will usually be down to poor design quality rather than malice. The party will have the time to make three of these tests per Sol check-in, and any member(s) of the party can make them.

Shyft's BP/Gear Hack


Name Cost Description
"Castle Doctrine" Shotgun Mod/2 Originally designed by Brinkers, this weapon sees considerable use during boarding actions and in hab security, as the odds of it doing damage to any vital components or the hull are extremely low. DMG: 3d10+12, the effect of Armor is doubled. Ammo Capacity: 2
"Gag Order" Radar Cannon Mod/2 A weapon designed by Stellar Intelligence to silence and isolate targets prior to assassination or capture. It transmits a narrow beam of signals that block out a target's mesh/wi-fi/radio capabilities(larger targets may have multiple transmitter nodes that need to be disabled separately). In its primary mode, it simply blocks them out, which can be an effective way to prevent someone or something from calling for help. In its secondary mode, it ups the beam intensity to the point of actually burning out mesh/wifi/radio equipment. Non-ware items will usually be destroyed instantly(sometimes spectacularly), while "burning" ware will deal 1d6 points of damage to biomorphs, pod morphs or synthmorphs after which they need repair to be functional at all again. The "Gag Order" is aimed and fired with a Hardware skill related to electronics, sensors or computter hardware(not software). It can also be fine-tuned to only block out a specific sense/band(mesh contact or radio, for instance), for more subtle functioning.
Fortified Turret Mount Maj/3 Intended for large, turretted weapons like Overcompensators, Seeker batteries or similar. This pop-up mount keeps it hidden from anything but a close T-ray inspection until they deploy and engage the enemy.
Gorgon Defense Omniturret Mod/2 A stationary turret with multiple handy pre-set targeting parameters, can grasp and use any weapon usable by transhumans. Can also bark out pre-recorded phrases either audibly or via Mesh in order to warn intruders before opening fire, or to mock them after a successful hit.
LRS(Long-Range Seeker) Battery Rare/R/5 A stationary battery of twelve long-range Seeker(comes with 12 Standard Missiles: TMP, but can be reloaded with other warheads) intended to provide artillery support for lightly-armed frontier explorers, can be left back at base camp and directed to provide fire support up to five hexes away via Mesh or Radio assuming there's a connection. Fired using Guns:Seekers-20 or Hardware:Artillery.
"Overcompensator" 155mm Heavy Cannon Rare/5 This oversized weapon is designed for a vehicle mount, either turreted or static, or perhaps for mounting on the larger combat morphs like the Fenrir, as even a Reaper would be unable to handle the recoil. Loads EMP, TMP and HEAP rounds like a Seeker but at x3 damage. Ammo is priced like Minimissiles. Any Morph or Vehicle at less than Very Large size must roll a Som or Piloting check as relevant, at a penalty of -20 for every size below Very Large, or be flung aside by the recoil for 1d10+10 armor-ignoring damage. Uses Hardware:Artillery if turreted and Piloting if on a fixed mount.
"Skyswatter" 90mm Auto-Flak Cannon Maj/3 Unlikely to seriously discomfit a well-armoured flying vehicle, this is instead intended to take out light flying vehicles, airborne morphs, hostile flying xenofauna or the occasional mob of protesters. DMG: 6d10+10, treats Kinetic armor as doubled. Ammo Capacity: 50. Any Morph or Vehicle at less than Very Large size must roll a Som or Piloting check as relevant, at a penalty of -20 for every size below Very Large, or be flung aside by the recoil for 1d10+10 armor-ignoring damage. Uses Hardware:Artillery if turreted and Piloting if on a fixed mount.


Name Cost Description


Name Cost Description
Autominer Facility Maj/3 An automated machine roughly the size of a car when undeployed and a large house when in full activity(in which state it's essentially a polyhedron of active drills and crushers). It assesses, extracts and refines mineral deposits to prepare them for shipping and sale, being able to deal with most known metals, gasses, liquids and crystalline structures. It can also do the same to biological resources(like a forest), though this will generally result in massive ecological damage and a lot of neatly cut 2x4 wood/fungus/animals. Using one of these to mine novel materials(like, say, naturally occurring antimatter or computronium) may have unexpected results. Has limited mobility in both undeployed and deployed states, and tends to create something similar to an open pit quarry when in operation.
Exowomb Rare/5 A healing vat that can also grow biomorphs and the biologicla parts of podmorphs from scratch.
Luxury Habitation Package Mod/2 A collection of crowd-sourced furniture and amenities perfect for ensuring maximum relaxation while convincing any visitor that you are definitely at the apex of the bourgeois food chain. To comfortably fit all of it, you'd need to stack two Pre-Fab Buildings side-by-side or on top of each other.
Mercenary Contract Major/3 Contracts 3 mercenaries in synth/splicer-tier morphs with an average set of gear and skills for a single mission, or 1 mercenary in a reaper/fenrir/daitya-tier morph. Compromising on skills or equipment, or offering additional concessions(like battlefield salvage rights) may lower the cost to Moderate/2
Mesh Update Package Min/1 A collection of recent news and entertainment generated by a political faction or corporation, carefully pruned and curated to have an optimal mix of entertainment and information. Helps maintain sanity on exoplanets and may also serve as a helpful trade good with explorers who have been away from Sol for an extended period of time.
Morph Storage Unit Min/1 A cryogenic chamber for storage of biomorphs and podmorphs when not in use, to arrest their biological functions so they don't start rotting or need feeding/cleaning while lobotomized. Also contains nanosystems that will, over time, restore most bio, pod or synthmorphs to full integrity if they've been damaged. Cannot mod or otherwise alter the morphs, however.
Pre-Fab Building(Self-Assembling) Min/1 A self-assembling, self-pressurizing structure about the size of a small house. Capable of maintaining a human-breathable atmosphere indefinitely. The automated assembly process takes about four hours to finish, pre-assembly it takes about as much space as a shipping pallet stacked head-high.
Standard Research Package Mod/2 All the necessary equipment and facilities to conduct serious research, adapted to a specific physical sciences field, eg. physics, xenobiology, chemistry. Conveniently fits inside a Pre-Fab Building just about precisely.
Standard Workshop Package Min/1 All the necessary equipment and facilities to engage in non-nanofacturing, adapted to a specific craft, eg. cooking, carpentry, xeno-taxidermy. Conveniently fits inside a Pre-Fab Building just about precisely.
TacNet Revised As core TacNet A TacNet operator who succeeds at a Know: Military Operations or Know: Security Operations roll can advise allies on how best to provide overlapping fields of fire against a target. For every 20 MoS on the roll, one ally who directs their fire at the same target as another ally can receive a +10 to their relevant combat skill as long as they maintain the same target. Otherwise as core TacNet.
"Shitposter" Jamming Array Maj/3 This Scum-designed array floods all available wavelengths except for visible sight and sound with massive amounts of junk data. This penalizes anything that uses those spectrums(including TacNets, mesh access, wi-fi, T-Ray emitters, etc.) by -30. It also disables Smartlinks on weapons and gives Synthmorphs a -10 penalty on all actions, lasting until the array is disabled or destroyed. For every 20 MoS on a Hardware:Electronics roll, the operator can exempt one ally or device from the penalties by creating small pockets of stability among the junk data. Synths or pods with open wi-fi connections suffer 1d6 armor-ignoring damage every round as the flood of data fries their mesh inserts.
Unscheduled Gate Opening Maj This always requires the spending of a Major Favor of the appropriate rep type for the gate(from the innermost to the outermost in Sol: C, C, @, @/r, C/G) as well as a successful rep test(the urgency of the request may modify the rep test). Gates employing C-rep are more likely to be moved by payment than necessity for an unscheduled gate opening, however.


Name Cost Description
"Euryale" Hovertank Rare/8 Intended for combat operations in the rough terrain of exoplanets and for dealing with major TITAN incursions on Mars and Luna, this GDS-designed tank dispenses with traditional mobility systems in favour of hover jets. It's heavily armored and loaded down with sensor packages, but its mobility system has forced it to make some concessions in terms of armaments: It has no turreted mounts to avoid it tipping itself over if firing at a 90-degree angle to its hull. Armor: 15/35, Hover: 8/40, Submarine: 8/40, Ram Plate, Life Support, Pressure Adaptation, Fixer Hive, Weapon Mounts 3(Static). Passengers: 3, DUR: 100, Vigor: 3, Very Large. Default Weapons: Overcompensator(Vehicle Weapons Upgrade), Machine Gun(Railgun, Vehicle Weapons Upgrade)
"Perseus" Assault Walker Rare/8 Developed from the same old Terran blueprints as TITAN combat robots, the Extropian-developed Perseus walker tends to cause instinctive terror in most Transhumans. The walker design forces it to concede some armor compared to wheeled or hover vehicles, but provides exceptional mobility as it can leap over obstacles, crouch behind cover and is operable anywhere short of a gas giant or a black hole. Unlike the Euryale which is intended to engage enemies at long distances, the Perseus is intended to get right up in their faces and ruin their day. Armor: 25/20, Walker: 8/40, Ram Plate, Life Support, Pressure Adaptation, Fixer Hive, Weapon Mounts 3(Static), Passengers: 2, DUR: 75, Vigor: 2, Flex: 1, Very Large. Default Weapons: Plasma Rifle(Vehicle Weapons Upgrade), Piston Spear(Vehicle Weapons Upgrade)


Name Cost Description
Ablative Armor Plating Mod/2 Adds +0/+10 Armor to a chosen vehicle, incompatible with Crystalline Armor Structure.
Crystalline Armor Structure Mod/2 Adds +10/+0 Armor to a chosen vehicle, incompatible with Ablative Armor Plating.
Ego Sharing Ware Min/1 Generally used for Large or Very Large morphs with multiple weapons positions or complicated sensor suites. Allows multiple egos to be in the driver's seat at once, though one will usually be the "primary" ego with the ability to force its way into control of anything at the expense of another ego, to avoid deadlock in decision making and to have a trump card against saboteurs who make their way on board.
Force Amplifier Ware Mod/2 This morph ware mod(available for bio, synth and pod morphs) subtly reworks the user's body image and neural pathways, allowing them to employ far more of their muscles when brute force matters more than precision. The mod has two settings, a passive and an active, and switching between the two takes half an hour. In the passive setting, the mod applies a -10 REF modifier and adds 1d10 to all melee damage done. In the active setting, the mod applies a -10 REF and SOM modifier, but adds 2d10 to all melee attacks. Commonly used by Predator Exhumans and anyone working the shady side of security.
Heavy Weapons Bracing Mod/2 This mod is available for Synths, Pods and Biomorphs. Reinforces a morph's structure to allow firing weapons with the Fixed tag without penalty, if the Morph was Medium, it now counts as Large. Cosmetically some morphs are simply bulked up, while others are morphologically modded, eg. into centaurlike configurations.
Hiveware Min/1 This ware applies to bio, synth and pod morphs. It modifies the user to be in a constant, mesh-linked hive mind contact with other users of the same ware who have set themselves to the same hive frequency. While linked, all users can use another's skill at half their rating, or at +10 if the other has the skill at 50+, whichever results in the higher end stat. Hiveware users are also constantly aware of each others' surface thoughts, making deceit towards other Hiveware users almost impossible(-40). If no other Hiveware users are within Mesh range and with their Mesh active, a depressive state sets in which applies a -20 to all skills until Hive contact is re-established.
Improvised Explosive(Weapon Modification) Min/1 This modification applies to all weapons with a magazine of more than one. It allows the weapon to be used as an improvised grenade, doing 2x standard damage on detonation and completely destroying the weapon as it detonates the battery/magazine/ammo reservoir. On a critical failure, the user must make a relevant Guns skill check at -20, or the function will be inadvertently triggered. A successful unmodified REF or SOM check will allow the users to toss the weapon to a safe distance(if possible) before it explodes.
Stealthy Disassembly(Weapon Modification) Min/1 This weapon is specially designed to be disassembled into innocuous parts, and possibly even re-assembled into an inert facsimile of another piece of equipment, allowing it to pass all but the most suspicious scrutiny. This ware cannot be applied to explosive ammo, seekers or energy weapons due to their need for chemical or metallic components that aren't easily hidden.
Vehicle Weapons Upgrade Mod/2 This upgrade can only be applied to a weapon at purchase, representing a larger version of the weapon intended for vehicle mounting(either turreted or static) rather than being man-portable. The weapon gains +1d10+5 damage but can no longer be dropped or unequipped/equipped without a few hours' work from a technician. It also lacks niceties like triggers and shoulder guards or ergonomics, so anyone trying to fire it without it being in a weapon mount suffers a -30 to hit and must make a SOM*2 test or get bowled over by the recoil.

PbP Interludes

Long-form interludes during downtime or pre-first session.

Launch Day: Immediately pre-launch and post-arrival on Splinter.
Exploration Log: After the first day.
Exploration Log 2: First Contact in the Quartz Desert
Downtime: The first few days at an actual settlement.
Thanat Phone Home: Reconnecting with Sol for the first time
Hello And Welcome To Jackass: In which NPC's perform stunts so sick they require stitches and bedrest
Splinter Defense Force: The Second Amendment allows you to own small artillery pieces for personal defense against feral alien robots suddenly bursting into your home and attacking your nubile young forks.
Questionable Offers: Gate Connection 2
Settling In: New visitors and new colonists
Diplomatic Touch: In which an alien is caught in a box. This will certainly have no negative consequences.
Visitors: Sudden, new arrivals.
Great Wall of Silverwheel: A massive xenoarcheological discovery


First session: +5 Rez
Second session: +2 Rez
Third session: +2 Rez, +1 Resource Point
Fourth session: +2 Rez
Fifth session: +2 Rez
Sixth session: +2 Rez
Seventh session: +2 Rez
Eighth session: +2 Rez
Ninth session: +2 Rez
Tenth session: +0 Rez(due to short length)
Eleventh session: +2 Rez

Total: +23 Rez, +1 Resource Point

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