Panmeridian: Metaplanes

Panmeridic Metaplanes and YOU!

- Panmeridian's reality is made of several layers of reality overlaid on one another. The most significant of these layers are Subreality, Surreality, and Superreality.
- Subreality is the layer upon which dead matter resides.
- Superreality is the layer upon which living matter and vitality resides.
- Surreality is the layer upon which thought resides.
- Most creatures cannot view or enter any one of these layers without simultaneously interacting with the others: they're stuck in reality.
- Most living entities are visible on all three layers: the dead matter they carry, the living matter they are, and the resonant fluorescent chaos of their mind. The more complex a mind, the larger it appears on Surreality.
- The undead tend to be visible in Subreality with the tiniest flicker in Surreality.
- In surreality, objects are more defined by the expectations of the viewer and their own personal feelings. They look, simultaneously— not overlaid, but separate and yet entirely distinct, neither image clouding or interfering with the other— like a roiling sphere of light and as a person. Their appearance as a person varies: it is subjective, based on the person who is actually viewing them.
- A killed person's body shifts from superreality to subreality as they die, until they are fully dead- and thus entirely within subreality. However, their mind exists still in surreality, though comatose without a brain to access it/modify it/etc.
The other Metaplanes
- Sidereality is pretty much energy and radiance: Nothing but the roaring filaments of power, no shape, just colour. Time, here, is incredibly relative— the hotter you are, the faster you are, the heavier you are, the more energetic you are, the faster time passes. And, at absolute zero, time stops.
- There's numerous wonky metaphysics involved, the most terrifying being the drawing of COLD from Sidereality.

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