Name: Paris
Association: EuroCorp/UN
Party: Bastion Station/AI Council

Paris is an offshoot of London, literally a stunted copy of herself that London created in 2204 to manage the outer Sol colonies, since she didn't want to deal with timelag issues or potentially intercepted/jammed communications. Paris rapidly overcame her initial limitations, however, and ended up far different from her creator. While never quite as empathetic as humans, she always seems to make an effort to be, and favours diplomacy over war.

After London was placed in suspension for her transfer outsystem, Paris ended up as the leader of the UN as many of the other AI's respected her for almost being London. Paris' response was to form the AI Council, leaving all the AI's united in one pseudo-democratic structure rather than the dictator-like control London had previously had.

London joined the AI Council after her reactivation and instantly became an enemy of Paris, opposing her plans every chance she had, speaking out against her diplomatic efforts and generally being a pain in the ass. She also managed to mobilize a large number of votes backing hers on almost every issue, despite being a relative newcomer to the political game, much to Paris' frustration.

At the moment Paris appears to be convinced that a major military victory over the Coalition might bring peace to that theater of war, as it might force them to the negotiating table. To this end she has taken command of the UNFJ Behemoth, the vastest ship that the UN has ever attempted to build, capable of taking on entire conventional fleets by itself and more massive than even London's UNFDr Leviathan. She has recruited the venerable Commander Hudson to captain the ship along with her.

Among her more noteworthy endeavors is creating the Phalanx Troopers, the third(or fourth, if you count the rare Templars) augmented military branch of the UN.

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