Penny Empire

AKA Penelope Sovereign Empire

Penny Empire and the Vampires of Paris

Been There: Penny isn't of a nationality. She's of the world. If you care to name a nationality or country, she can lay a claim to have ben there or be of that nationality— and, should anyone wish to, they can claim her of that nationality, too.

Done That: no matter what it is, if it's been around 5 or more years, Penny has SOME experience with it. She's read the Tablets of Leng and fired cannon and scaled the alps and studied mathematical theology. She's not an expert in almost anything, but she knows a little about a lot.

Unflappable: Once you've read one scroll describing the ancient magics of the primordial daemonlords, you've read them all. It's pretty hard to phase Penny (ie: impossible), which isn't always to her advantage.

Daddy's Little Girl: Penny's father, Isembard Sovereign Empire, Explorer-Inventor with a monopoly on the British Bizeppelin Fleet and ardent Royalist- and in part responsible for the 1888 Renumeration of Parliament to a tricameral council with King as active member, casts quite a long shadow. She's inhereted a lot from him, including his enemies, and is always seeking to live up to his expectations as an Empire girl.

Engine Grease is the new Kohl: Penny's a clean girl, but the amount of mess she can get on herself while working with machines is a little incredible. She can fix any machine and make improvements on most, but doing so will require a mop and bucket…

Easy Rider: None of the almost impossible things Penny does on her bike look difficult, and the ones that should, by rights, be impossible, only look a little tricky. Unfortunately, she always overestimates the abilities of powered craft.

Runnin' Wild: Penny's landspeed on foot or bike is ridiculous. While she doesn't lack maneouvrability- making steering an easy enough proposition- she does have a problem with knocking/running things down/over.

Unintended Shortcut: Penny's pretty good at planning routes, but keeping to them's another problem. While she can always reach her destination eventually— it's not uncommon for her to find a 'shortcut' that just happens to be a hundred times more dangerous than anything she wanted to do, and God forbid she ever tries to find her way anywhere without planning— sure, she'll get there eventually, but…


Endurance Engineering
Weapons (Bicycle) Rapport Resources
Science Investigation Art (Dancing) Mysteries
Gambling Deceit Contacting Fists Might

Possible Aspects:

King Porter Stomp!: Don't underestimate what a set of dancin' shoes can do to a face. Best way to find out whet they can do is to touch a lady's person, no matter who you are.

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