Real Name:
Codename: Phalanx
Association: Unknown/Solitary
Party/Location: Originally with Mexico City's Paladin Team Alpha, after an accident with the "drug" Anarchy his team was dissolved. Currently in London.

Little is known of Phalanx before the accident, though apparently he wasn't as insane as Tarantula, and after the accident he had no reaction as violent as hers or Myrmidon's. In fact, his whereabouts were unknown until Aether encountered him in London, entirely by accident. He advised Aether to be certain of what he was doing, and why, before leaving. How he made it to London from Mexico is unknown.

Phalanx is described as having a build like Paladin's, tall and wide. Like a linebacker, he appears to wear a sweater and a wooly cap, and to be clean shaven. EuroCorp staff pictures show that he is bald underneath the cap. Information on his augmentations is not availiable, nor has he been seen using any.

It would appear that he enjoys fishing.

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