Phalanx Troopers

The Phalanx Troopers are the third(or fourth, if you count the rare Templars) augmented military branch of the UN. They are less augmented than the Mantis Operatives or the Myrmidon Marines, as well as being more conventional soldiers. They are the only branch not founded by London, but instead by Paris.


The average Phalanx Troopers has some light subdermal armour and muscle enhancements to permit him to survive longer on the battlefield without getting killed by annoying things like bullets and explosions. In addition to that, they have targeting assistance and various built-in HUD's and neuroconnectors that permit them to pilot any relatively modern vehicle with ease. The latter, as Mercurial discovered, does make them somewhat prone to electronic modes of attack, however.


Phalanx Troopers are generally trained to be loyal, methodical and adherent to the various rules of war(there is no official document like the Geneva Convention any longer, but it's still considered polite not to shoot people who surrender, etc.). In addition, they tend to be expert pilots, drivers and even sailors, if such things are called for. Generally they're a varied bunch, with each team(usually with colourful names like the Black Sentinels or the Fire Eagles) having their own specific style of combat, but one thing that tends to hold true across even the various teams is a certain sort of hunger for speed and large guns.

Noteworthy Phalanx Trooper Teams/Characters

Lieutenant Natasha Severin
Team Fire Eagle, currently aboard the UNFCr Ainalhai
Team Black Sentinel, defeated by Team Fire Eagle in a mock fight

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