Hey yo this is a Planescape campaign for D&D 5e have fun.


1) Start from level 3. You're not a newbie and you got in some adventure/trouble already.
2) use the PHB's standard ability score spread.


The spells "Detect Evil and Good", "Protection from Evil and Good", "Dispel Evil and Good" and the likes are INCREDIBLY DUMB: "Dispel Evil and Good" changes name to "Dispel Possession and Summoning" because that's what it does, shut up. "Protection from Evil and Good" becomes "Protection from [evil/good/chaos/law]. Same with "Detect Evil and Good". You must pick which one of the four versions you're using when you're memorizing it. It's no longer restricted to creature types, and instead works on all creatures with the selected alignment tag. Regular mortals won't usually be SO STRONGLY aligned to trip one of these spells, unless they're clerics or something like that.

  • New Spell: SURELOCK (Abjuration, Cleric 4, Wizard 4). Casting time of 1 hour. Seals a 60ft-radius area from portals for 1 day/level. This affects both Sigil portals and any spell or ability that causes inter-planar travel (but not, for example, Teleport or Dimension Door, which remain on the same plane). This spell was mainly defeloped by the high-up people of Sigil to have portal-proof treasure vaults and such.


Factions are pretty important in Planescape, though they're not all-encompassing. Think of them as phylosophical clubs that offer benefits and assistance to their members but will also ask you for stuff or help in exchange.

  • ATHAR (the Lost): The gods are scammers and con artists and you shouldn't worship them. It only encourages them. There's SOMETHING ELSE out there that's truly divine, and it's not these clowns.
  • BENEFIT: Advantage on all Saves against clerical spells associated with Powers.
  • BELIEVERS OF THE SOURCE (the Godsmen): Existance is a crucible in which we are put to the test. We are endlessly reincarnated, we rise and we fall. And, maybe, one day, we will ascend.
  • BENEFIT: Advantage on all Charisma skill checks with Planar strangers.
  • BLEAK CABAL (the Bleakers): Nothing makes sense. There's no grand design, no ultimate truth, no final answer that will make everything finally click. The multiverse is essentially meaningless.
  • BENEFIT: Advantage on all saves against mental effects.
  • DOOMGUARD (the Doomguards): The only real truth is Entropy. Stuff decays, things break down, rust eats away metal. People, animals, gods, entire universes die, sooner or later. That's the nature of all things.
  • BENEFIT: Advantage on one hit roll and on one damage roll per day. If you're not proficient in any martial weapon, you can select one martial weapon and gain proficiency in it.
  • DUSTMEN (the Dead): We're actually all dead. All of us, and all the planes. We're just shadows and dust, pale reflections of reality. The truth lies beyond this endlessly repeating farce of life and death.
  • BENEFIT: You benefit from the Dead Truce. non-sentient undead will never attack you unless you attack first. Once per day, you can have advantage on a Charisma skill check with a Planar sentient undead.
  • FATED (the Takers): Stuff belong to whoever can TAKE it and KEEP it. Might makes right, and everyone needs to succeed or fail on his or her strength alone. It's only right for the weak to fear the strong. Now, pull those bootstraps.
  • BENEFIT: You gain Proficiency in an additional skill of your choice.
  • FRATERNITY OF ORDER (the Guvners): The multiverse is bound and defined by rules and laws. Everything follows a pattern. Master the patterns, and you'll master the multiverse itself. It's all a giant puzzle to unravel.
  • BENEFIT: You can understand or decipher every written language (though it can take some time in some cases). If you're faced with some form of code or cipher, you have advantage on every check related to deciphering it. You can also use magic items that you normally would not be allowed to use because of race/class restrictions.
  • FREE LEAGUE (the Indeps): Man, get the fuck out of here. I just wanna grill for the Lady's sake. Leave me alone.
  • BENEFIT: None other than the fact that, as the largest faction, they tend to have large networks of contacts all around the Planes.
  • HARMONIUM (the Hardheads): The Harmonium has the most correct philosophy of all the factions, because the Harmonium's philosophy is that the Harmonium is always right. So, do what the Harmonium tells you to do - or else.
  • BENEFIT: You can use the Command spell as a spell-like ability once a day (CHA based).
  • MERCYKILLERS (the Red Death): Crime is terrible, laws are absolute, justice reigns supreme, and the only thing that's worse than criminals, are people who take pity on them. No, what they need is punishment.
  • BENEFIT: Once a day, you can instinctively know if a statement you hear is true or false.
  • REVOLUTIONARY LEAGUE (The Anarchs): Have you seen how fucking crazy controlling and oppressive all these other factions are? Yeah, fuck them. We're here to blow their shit up.
  • BENEFIT: You can pose as a member of any other faction very convincingly. Only a well-conducted investigation can root you out, and even so you will still have advantage on all related rolls.
  • SIGN OF ONE (the Signers): The world exists only because we perceive it to exist, therefore, the world only exists in the mind. And the only mind I can reliably prove that exists is my own. Soooo….
  • BENEFIT: You have advantage on all saves against illusions. Once a day you can halve damage taken by a single source (one attack, one spell, etc) by refusing to believe in it.
  • SOCIETY OF SENSATION (the Sensates): The Multiverse is incredibly huge and full of wonderful sights and tastes and experiences to be made. They're all out there, waiting for you. Well, what are you waiting for?
  • BENEFIT: Advantage on all Perception rolls, and on all Saves vs. Poison.
  • TRANSCENDENT ORDER (the Ciphers): Don't think. Act.
  • BENEFIT: Advantage on all Initiative rolls.
  • XAOSITECTS (the Chaosmen): We believe that the true essence of all things is in pure, unadulterated chaos, the primordial creator. Learn to love it and bycicle xylophone roundhouse kick mirror fish potato loss.
  • BENEFIT: Advantage on all Insight rolls, and can speak in a cipher only understandable to other Chaosmen.


Empty 5e Character Sheet

Aremiz, Leonid Ranger (Sanev)
Arla Bonecurser, Elf Eldritch Knight (Zeplin)
Wanderlei Silva, Warforged Ranger (Vann)
Veeka Blitz, Goblin Phoenix Sorcerer (SilverMyr)
Belladonna Reeveslayer, Fallen Aasimar Bard (Cheese)


The Planes
The Outlands
Sigil Interactive Map


  • The Sword and Buckler Alehouse is one of the many taverns catering to the right and upstanding working folk inhabiting Sigil's Lower Ward. Old and decrepit on the outside, but fairly well-maintained within, it tends to draw a mostly consistent clientele, particularly of mercenaries, bodyguards, adventurers, troubleshooters and troublemakers.
  • Tavernkeeper: Karandas, an old human male that's been around Sigil a while, though he's not a native. Covered in burn marks and scars from head to toe. Allegedly, he survived some sort of cataclysm on his native Prime and got blasted into Sigil. Really good at throwing knives, which happens often. Definitely ex-adventurer or maybe spy or something.
  • Waitress: Alcor, a succubus. Karandas employs her because she actually lures more customers in, and because she's been remarkably well-behaved while on the clock, despite being, well, permanently horny. She can be really incredibly annoying at times. She apparently doesn't want to "go back" nor does she want to work at some of the other places that are more oriented towards low-planar folks. Probably had a fight with them or something.
  • Food and Lodging: The sword and Buckler has a few rooms on the upper floor. 1 GP a day for food, 1 GP a day for lodging. Better food and actually a very impressive variety of alcoholic drinks from across the Planes are available (Karandas is a connoisseur, apparently), but they fetch higher prices.
  • The Open-Air Market is an enclosed arcade of black brickstone which holds a few popular shops, growing right out of Anvil's Square. Like quite a few locations in the Lower Ward, it's somewhat more colorful inside than it looks from the outside, offering protection from the smog and grime issuing from the Foundry. And yes, the irony of the "Open-Air Market" being inside an enclosed structure is not lost of anyone - it's "open-air" in the sense that it's an arcade where these shops share the same space, but it's still shielded by the outside elements. The shopkeepers keep a couple of Harmonium guards on location at all times.
  • Aaleck's Oddities: Aaleck's an ancient-looking human, bent by age and by hard living, but still with a bit of an edge to him. He buys, sells and trades in all sorts of weird things from every corner of the Planes - including more than a few magic trinkets. He refuses to trade in weapons as a matter of principle. He also openly admits that he has no idea what about half of the stuff he buys and sells is.
  • Anze's Anvil: The short-bearded dwarf named Anze is an blacksmith who takes great pride (or arrogance) in his craftsmanship. He will gladly take commissions. He demands higher prices than the regular metalwares sold by the Foundry, but his stuff is undeniably more refined. He keeps a small stock of quality weapons and armor. His forge is open to the street - he likes being seen at work. He has a few assistants and apprentices.
  • Cinder's Magic Shoppe: Cinder's an old, retired human wizard crippled by ancient scars and burns. He makes a living by dealing in magic - casting spells on people's behalf, acting as a magic consultant, allowing other wizards to copy spells from his impressive library (for a price), and trading in scrolls and components. He's also somewhat of a local gossip, it seems, and knows most of what goes on in the Ward. There's some kind of feud going on between him and the "wizard gentlemen's club" known as the Society of the Luminiferous Aether.
  • The Common Store: a large store owned and managed by a local cooperative, selling a variety of common and household goods, working tools, clothes and food. The merchandise tend towards the "low quality but affordable price" end of the spectrum. The "face" of the store is usually Ilawein, a good-looking elf with a knack for business.
  • The Mermaid's Cups is the core of the Ward's antipeak life. This festhall features exotic "dancers" from every corner of the Planes as well as numerous Primes, and is infamously debauched and corrupt. The drinks are strong, the gambling fierce, and the entire site is cleverly designed to separate berks from their jinx as efficiently as possible. The owner, a tiefling named Larissa the Fence, is great at this, and definitely one cutter you don't want to cross. She can, of course, set you up with anything you need - take hot stuff off your hands for a cut, get hot stuff in your hands for a price…
  • The Dirk and Firkin is a breath of fresh air in the Lower Ward - literally. Built like a greenhouse, with walls of thick stained glass and tall skylights that ward off the Foundry's smoke, this alehouse is stuffed full of genuine plants and greenery - a rare sight in Sigil, even moreso around these parts. The air is hot and humid, the drinks strong and sweet, and the food simple and wholesome. A favourite hangout for upper planars visiting. 'course, this is not a cheap alehouse, and is not for all. The place is run by Esilianim, a Lillend (sort a deva-like creature from the Upper Planes with angelic wings, upper body of an elf, lower body of a snake, wearing a grotesque tribal mask).
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