Planetary Data


  • Ag: Agricultural. Supplies nearby worlds with food and natural products.
  • As: Asteroid. Source of ores.
  • Ba: Barren. Uninhabited.
  • De: Desert. Little or no liquid water, harsh climate.
  • Fl: Fluid Oceans. World with non-water oceans and unusual chemistry.
  • Ga: Garden. World with thriving and varied flora and fauna similar to Earth.
  • Hi: High Population. Densely inhabited world.
  • Ht: High Technology. Tech Level 12 or higher.
  • Ic: Ice-Capped. Has frozen oceans. Cold and unforgiving. Thin or no atmosphere.
  • In: Industrial. Manufacturing world.
  • Lo: Low Population. Sparsely inhabited, with a few thousand or less on the surface.
  • Lt: Low Technology. Pre-industrial world without mass production capabilities.
  • Na: Non-Agricultural. These worlds cannot grow their own food.
  • Ni: Non-Industrial. These worlds cannot maintain a productive base.
  • Po: Poor. Worlds lacking in resources or too hostile to thrive.
  • Ri: Rich. Worlds rich in resources and opportunities.
  • Va: Vacuum. No atmosphere, with all the problems it entails.
  • Wa: Waterworld. World is covered entirely in a single ocean, with less than 10% land.


A574988–C Ga Hi Ht In Army Navy
Regional capital of the Solomani Confederation. A rainy, polluted Space London full of Chinese immigrants. The system is densely inhabited, and suffering from much turmoil due to poor living conditions in the low classes, debauched nobility, and protest and terror movements.



C100422-C Ht Ni Va
A small cooperative manufacturing plant, recently established and still expanding and mostly under construction. Similar to how Uston was a hundred years ago, probably. Recently target of industrial sabotage.


A100A98-E Hi Ht In Na Va
An airless rock riddled with underground factory complexes, producing much of the subsector's electronics and machinery. Suffering from strife between its human workers' unions, the Robotic Liberation Front, and the detached bureaucracy ruling the planet.



A310558-E Ht Ni
A moon orbiting a massive gas giant, inhabited by a small, isolationist, quasi-mystical population boasting a high level of technology, ruled by a hereditary caste of scientists and engineers.


A0005AC-E As Ht Ni Va Army Navy
Major naval and army base, overseeing the defense of the Solomani frontier in the sector. An extremely high-security, militarized system.


B314556-A Ic Ni
Hostile, sparsely inhabited iceball orbiting a gas giant. Originally a mere refueling station and stop for traders between Solomani space and Reaver's Deep, it's being expanded and developed by the Jasyn R&R Corporation, who has a hard time keeping the local original settlers and frontiersmen under control.


Diana's World
B566576-B Ag Ga Ni
A small but fertile world, its surface and seas split between various nations and corporations. Famous for applying hi-tech methods to traditional products, and with an eye towards the exporting of high-quality foodstuffs for the "local" cuisines of several worlds in the region.

Deir el-Medina

B525647-B Ni
Hostile planet with a CO2-filled atmosphere. Nonetheless, it has been settled by a small religious community of Ibadi muslims. Despite the lack of local industry and manifacture. it's a common waypoint for trading routes, and local hospitality is legendary. The planet is slowly being terraformed, but the locals are picky on which m


Once an important world in the region and the local Solomani fortress-world. Hit hard during the Rim War, it's slowly rebuilding. Now a very frontier-like world struggling to regain its former glory or an identity of its own. Fairly bitter towards both Imperium and Solomani, though it still considers itself part of the Confederation.


A433695-D Ht Na Ni Po Army Navy
Originally just a secondary military base during the Rim War, it has quickly grown into an important trade and diplomacy hub and one of the Solomani's points of projection towards Reaver's Deep, despite its scarcity in resources. The military leaves the inhabitants of the colony to fend for themselves, by the most part. Military support services is all they can offer, and nearly all supplies come from offworld.

De Garthe

C55488A-8 Ga
Ruled by the Directorat for the Preservation of Native Environments, De Garthe authority tightly controls and protects the native flora and fauna of the world, and is fairly paranoid of Solomani annexation, though they do trade with them (mostly out of necessity).


B200688-C Ht Na Ni Va Army Navy
A small, recently-established military base on the very edge of Solomani space, and the main base of the Fahlnar Intervention Fleet, a reserve force standing by in case of any trouble coming from Reaver's Deep. Answers directly to the Secretariat's Office of Defense and has large autonomy.


C787796-8 Ag Ga Ri
A jewel of a planet recently rediscovered and annexed by the Solomani, inhabited by ancient settlers who had lost most contacts with the galaxy at large for nearly three hundred years. The tensions between new and old settlers still haven't appeared because of the size and wealth of the planet, but that is sure to happen sooner or later.

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