PSMG history


The "faction-tans", as they are known, have actually existed for quite a long time, though nobody remembers exactly why they are around. The earliest recorded instance of faction-tans (found by Sami Pythagora while attempting to prove her theory that the first faction-tan was a Guvner, meaning she can pull seniority rank over the other -tans) was just before the Great Upheaval about six hundred (and change) years ago.

As there were roughly fourty-nine factions at the time it was probably one hell of a fight, and may have contributed to the whittling down of the factions to fifteen.

Since then, the history of the faction-tans has been sketchy. Known facts recorded by Sami Pythagora after extensive research are:

a) There is not always a faction-tan for every faction. In periods of relative peace, there usually aren't any.

b) Faction-tans are usually between the ages of 15 and 25.
c) They are known as "Faction Paragons" in official documents.
d) All attempts by factions to take "control" of the faction-tans as a group have failed. The group always seems to exist in a balance, each -tan checking the power of the others.


Most sects appointed sec-tans purely because of the fac-tans. Strangely, despite not being officially condoned by the Lady of Pain, sec-tans - even ones that have never been to Sigil - gain similar powers. Most believe this makes sense, though; why wouldn't they?


The plane-tans rose up shortly after the faction-tans were created. Some sages speculate Sigil has a special relationship with the planes and go on about sympathetic response and planar resonance at this point, but most of those sages are in the Gatehouse and nobody likes them.

The plane-tans tend to be more "stable" than the faction-tans - individual -tans tend to live longer, since they are less frequently mortals, and their positions tend not to be full for long.

The plane-tans have been entirely limited to the Outer Planes - because they're the planes of belief, of course. No -tans for the Inner or Prime planes have ever been seen.

Oddly, there are no records of an Outlands-tan ever existing. Some think she can be found at the Spire, or perhaps way out in the Hinterlands.


Overall, the -tans seem to follow three rules.

1) The -tans are always magical girls.
2) There can be -tans for the Factions, the Sects, and the Outer Planes.
3) There cannot be -tans for anything else.

Each rule has, of course, been broken on at least five occasions: Most recently when Valrin Mithir, the sectol of the Brotherhood of Belief, used his centuries-old powers over belief to make Uno believe she was Unity-of-Rings-tan. Of course, that lasted about nine minutes.

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